IVB7 live video streaming encoder

Embeddable :

Capability to present content to live viewers during the live event
Synchronized Powerpoint recording with chat integration

Send live news tickers of breaking news or score updates
Remotely control the live news ticker from any location

The IVB7’s very own encoder is also simple and quick to use with Livebox though livebox supports various different encoders like Wirecast,XSplit,Vmix,OBS Studio and hardware encoders. Screen Capture Viewer Chat : Streaming Characteristics: Multi CDN Changing: Let us take a peek at all the features of Webstreamer, the very first software video encoder with attributes like h.265 encoding, 360* video encoding and much more…

Live recording locally with / without streaming
Skill to document while streaming live and recording online

Viewers can view the flow on multiple platforms including IOS, Android and Windows.
HTML5 encouraged

Capability to talk with online audience (viewers)
Private Chat and Public chat
Capability to capture the chats along with the live movie to replay the live event again anytime
Capability to personalize the look and feel of the chat box on the Site

Viewer Statistics & Reports

Stream to YouTube and third party streaming suppliers


Capability to capture a part of the screen or the Whole display to flow online

YouTube Streaming Live Tickers :

Capability to record the host during live streaming
Proceed with existing recorded videos on the fly
Shop in multiple formats to make the file compatible with IOS and Desktop audiences
Go off the record in one click
Archive live listed streams
Publish video files into the cloud


Screen YouTube videos as video presentations throughout the live event
Display custom interactive animations or HTML5 based games / programs

Live Powerpoint Presentation :

Capability to Password protect the participant page using the bundled Mojoportal
Ability to create roles and users inside the portal

Viewers can pause, rewind and replay through the live event

Facebook Streaming: Live Replay :

Facebook program to add and configure the movie player to any Facebook page

Capability to change between streaming servers immediately in a single click to improve latency or troubleshoot issues during a live event
Easily integrates with multiple LiveBoxs for Multi-CDN

Broadcast video on the internet in multiple formats like High Quality, Medium Quality and Low Quality allowing all your viewers to Have the Ability to view to live stream irrespective of the rate of the internet link
Switch between Multi Bitrate Streaming (MBR) / Single Bitrate streaming in one click

Cross platform compatible participant; Same participant plays on Android / IOS / / Windows / any browser
Totally / Partially brandable player
Skill to play a part of the listed video
Ability to restrict the player from loading on specific domains

One click remote service right from the streaming Program
Phone / Email Service

Support :

Live streaming with Interactivity.
Stream live in High Quality even through reduced bandwidth.
Ability to choose Present presets
Ability to create custom loading presets
Automatic streaming to multiple platforms such as Android / / IOS / Flash / HTML5 with no further settings

Multi Platform Streaming

Embed the Chat / Player or Presentation on any website

View live viewer reports by IP / place
View how many viewers watching the event live at any given period
Live statistics and graphs based on location and time

Remote Recording: Local Live Recorder Interactive Content: Live Player


Best practices to follow for Live video streaming

These are the best configurations for links with an average rate between 5 to 10mbps Always choose the closest located server for your very best and optimal performance. Request the first Livebox low latency streaming CDN servers. Price Quality and wise wise, nothing surpasses the first Livebox dwell streaming host . Let us talk about some of the best methods That You Ought to typically follow if you stream live on the World Wide Web Assess if your live movie can be immediately played with numerous video players and internet players out of VLC,Windows media player to Jwplayer and clappr. If one of these players is not able to play your articles without conversion, then you’re stuck using a propitiatory protocol. Get in touch with us and change into Livebox host straight away to ensure our specialists can direct you to utilize industry standards so you can get an optimal streaming encounter. Constantly use standard streaming protocols like RTMP, RTSP, RTP or even WebRTC. Never utilize non-toxic propitiatory protocols since it will have an effect on your streaming caliber, make you hooked and secured to a third party server or supplier and cause you to invest a great deal of cash. So,not settle for non invasive streaming techniques like using a X program to stream video with an X server or software. Utilize IVB7 video streaming gear , the communication software as well as the Livebox server to get your best experience. When we say quite fast Online connection,we imply a minimum of 100 Mbps steady speed or greater as of 2017 The way to attain the ideal latency? How should you set up your encoder configurations for various types of internet connections? How do I know whether I’m using a propitiatory streaming protocol within my present arrangement?

H.264 / H.265 encoder
1500 kbps bitrate
Resolution of a minimal of 1920×1080 or greater
30 to 60 fps
De-interlacing on for greater image quality Even Though the difference will probably be slight

Utilize a H.265 encoder rather or H.264 if that is unavailable
Utilize a bitrate between 350 to 500k
Utilize a resolution of 720×480
Frame rate of 15 fps
twist de-interlacing on

For slow info cards or 2g relations:

Also keep in mind that using H.265, it is possible to tweak the settings to flow in a higher quality whilst utilizing exactly the identical amount of bandwidth which H.264 utilizes for a specific quality. Employing the best settings can enable you to flow without lag.Not just that, whilst streaming using a number of cameras, this also plays an essential part as you would have to fine tune video in accordance with your net bandwidth so you can push numerous streams inside your own bandwidth pipeline. If you’re a newcomer to livebox, then make sure you join in https://livebox.co.in and receive onboard to learn more. What type of practices and settings are great for specialist Live video streaming? Can you operate your live streaming employing the Livebox low latency high performance streaming host ? Tell us about your installation and sites where you’ve embedded your own video. Contact us if you require assistance so that we may assist you through your live event over telephone. We charge a massive additional sum only for assistance. We provide free telephone, email and remote support.Call our manager for technical support right at +91-9789-9789-55.

H.264 / H.265 encoder
800 kpbs
Resolutions of at least 720p
30 fps
De-interlacing turned on.

For moderate speed relations: Happy Streaming! Stream Smooth,flow high and stream trendy. For quite rapid connections: These are only some examples about how you can flow based upon your relationship atmosphere. But for optimum results, you need to attempt changing these configurations even more based on the rate of the genuine connection because there may be changes in latency based upon the wireless signals as well as the space between you and the machine. If You Want to dig a little bit more about how you can set up transcoding configurations on Livebox to disperse to Youtube,Facebook or Periscope, then Take a Look in google’s recommendations for youtube streaming here

What’s all the hype about this new Livebox?

Do you have a saying to share about the IVB7 Livebox or other products? E-mail us to enquiry@cdtech.in or call +91-9789-9789-81 to receive your promo regarding IVB7 to be featured on our website .

Livebox is a revolutionary technology to broadcast live 4k or HD Video via its powerful Cloud based Streaming Content Delivery Network. (Streaming -CDN) . Constantly keep visiting http://ivb7.com and http://ivb7.com/blog and stay updated with the newest technology related to broadcast and live video streaming.

We asked some of our present clients and employees to share a few quotes or sayings about Livebox. Here’s what they really had to say: It includes variety of strategies to match to everyone’s pocket. Joyful live transmission people!

Livebox is a highly scalable network that offers multiple streaming network of websites. LiveBox with a host of facilities for a variety of companies & its compatibility with all latest applications & hardwareaccessible worldwide makes it a boon to users to use it directly as they like in their companies. The Live Box Streaming Server has proven its efficiency in delivering high quality streaming at alarmingly lower bandwidths with its extraordinary streaming software, invincible community infrastructure and its own built-in innovative Flash-Free Trans-coding player.

How do you earn money using Livebox?

Our services and products are cutting edge, priced really low and constructed for assisting you to do business. Not just that, these goods are 100% tested and recognized in the market as it’s being used by numerous manufacturing houses, museums, companies and associations. Lately, we’ve seen web development homes taking up our solutions and reselling them within their localities.

Endless Stations: Produce Unlimited Live RTMP Streaming Channels and Supply dwell streaming host to boundless Clients all Around the World.
Design Your Streaming Strategies: Style your personal Live Presence Plans on several different degrees on yearly and monthly basis to supply to everyone -people, Event Managers, Videographers, company houses, organisations, corporates, TV Channels, TV channel vendors or everyone to live flow. Based on their condition.
Live Streaming into people: Supply live streaming programs for people at a minimal cost for streaming their private parties and applications. Nothing surpasses Livebox as it comes to price.
Occasion Managers, Videographers & Business homes: Supply higher programs of Streaming Server with particular centers of transcoding for skilled webcasting of apps, weddings, & celebrations . Just Livebox comprises 24×7 transcoding in the lowest cost including server and software infrastructure.
TV Producers, TV Channels & Firms to launch TV Stations: Provide infinite permits of Playout, Mixing and Streaming Server & software It may be supplied to start boundless 24×7 TV Stations to Supply WebTV, Mobile TV & TV via internet Set Top immediately to un-limited Customers. It can be offered for any type of HD video transmission and shipping to the TV Channel via net. IPTV & OTT can be builtin it to carry stations to millions of subscribers to market their content. All unlimited licenses of applications required for IPTV & OTT is offered inside. Additionally it’s also possible to conduct multiple TV Channel directly in the host
Organisations & Corporates: To broadcast & burst some of their video messages into Multiple social networking sites, Multiple Accounts of social networking websites. This makes is simple for them to carry their message to everybody & reach everybody readily. It may be utilised in advertising on social websites etc. several accounts of this server could also be supplied for video conferencing, Coaching and Webinar.
Education & Training: All essential applications for coaching is offered from the host with infinite Licenses. This can be supplied to numerous Faculties, Colleges and Training centers for Virtual Classroom training, together with Live Video, Live Demo and Live Two-way Chat etc.. Storage of movies can also be supplied to offer boundless Video-onDemand, Webinar, & live coaching completely secured. Via IP address or password and username.

Along with the aforementioned to companies on yearly and monthly payment,there’s enormous market to immediately supply services Live streaming solutions to customers for almost any requirements. There’s enormous possibilities to Monetize Live Streaming Server IVB7. Want additional ideas? Get in touch with us in +91-9789-9789-81. There are many more ways to utilize the IVB7 package of products to create earnings which aren’t listed here. Get in touch with us +919789978981 to understand. How can you start and operate a sustainable business working with the IVB7 Livebox? Livebox was created from the ground up to allow you to do business without worrying about enormous investment and intense work. Just partner with us now and fly in the Live Video Streaming industry. Together with IVB7, you receive your personal Upgrades, Software, Service and Technical streaming infrastructure. Get technical support on telephone to build your personal infrastructure utilizing Livebox. Have a look at https://ivb7.com to find out more about another ivb7 goods and https://livebox.co.in to understand more about the Livebox host .

Launching IP Camera and CCTV to IPTV converter

When your CCTV or IP camera becomes attached to the Livebox on-premise or on-cloud, you get to stream your content before each house hold in your entire area through the Livebox IPTV module, Geo blocking, transcoding, societal streaming and everything becomes enabled from the box to your existing Surveillance systems. Is not that amazing? Livebox also has solitude. We didn’t forget that. You can put your flow to private and limit it only to specific ip addresses, websites or even location. If you merely need your relative or business manager to track that, simply restrict it from IP. Your present DVR, CCTV or IP Camera gets completely UPGRADED when it’s linked to Livebox Subscribe to https://livebox.co.in at this time! Kickstart your own UPGRADED surveillance system now.
Subscribe now!
That’s absolutely perfect. Now, together with all the new Livebox converter, you can instantly turn your older analog cctv or dvr to a broadcasting machine. You can broadcast online utilizing the Livebox IP converter that simply makes your simple surveillance systems to really go global on your website when you need to publicly exhibit your Surveillance systems. Convert your surveillance systems to broadcast systems INSTANTLY!

We allow you to go digital. Go digital today with the all new Livebox IP Camera and CCTV converter. Be the first to fully digitize your Analog or IP surveillance programs. What’s the purpose of having a safety system when there’s no one to watch it. Connect it to Livebox today and let the world watch and be aware for your safety.
Signup at https://livebox.co.in You can immediately talk about it everywhere to all social media including and not restricted to YouTube,Facebook,Whatsapp,Skype,Periscope,Instagram or any RTMP / RTSP server. Don’t wait. Get your livebox server now. We’re conducting a”discounted” advertising for a very limited time so people may use and supply us their feedback on the system. Contact us today on 9789978981. Oh wait,Not just this!

The most reliable way to stream and store surveillance on the cloud

live surveillance streaming
Let’s literally establish Livebox is the only accessible high excellent cloud established box to disperse your surveillance programs .
If you’re a newcomer to Livebox,simply adhere to these points as we walkthrough a number of the very effective facts of utilizing Livebox inside your cctv,ip camera,dvr and nvr infrastructure. As we answer this,let us discuss the live streaming challenges confronted with a normal surveillance program to answer that query.
With no Livebox,what you can’t perform on your surveillance programs

A cctv,ip camera,nvr or dvr cannot be printed on to some web page right.
It cannot be directly live streamed to facebook,youtube or alternative social networking destinations.
It wants a static ip or ddns to have the ability to attach in externally to see the system.
Your broadband service provider can alter the preferences of their broadband router anytime or through maintenance. Router configurations are a hassle.

In not only one or two but many situations,individuals have come to us for loading their own surveillance programs seamlessly at inexpensive prices following searching and searching for many distinct services by squandering their time and money in vain.

Livebox is the Solution Get the most trustworthy Surveillance system streamer. Get Livebox. Contact us now at +919789978981 and signup at livebox.co.in Were you aware that Livebox was given as the most value for money product for 24×7 live multi-channel surveillance transcoding and streaming?
Individuals setup CCTV,DVRs,NVRs and IP Cameras but do not rely on them in many cases because they”fail” to operate According to the promises of different vendors because of changes in system configurations,hard disk failures and hard to use programs Though IVB7 has been growing a few live streaming hardware and applications goods because 2010, Livebox has been the very record breaking innovation concerning pricing and attributes. Here is the difference when utilizing Livebox along with the Plug and Play Livebox transcoder

The Huge difference with Livebox

no Extra router configurations
View live streams from various gear sellers directly in 1 display
All of your places can be easily transcoded to some format
Different flows can be re-streamed into distinct destinations like YouTube,Facebook and other social destinations
And above All, the prices are significantly reduced when you use Livebox as the own cloud loading option

Utilize Livebox and maintain your live surveillance system backed up on the cloud in a ridiculously low price whilst also using the live flow being exhibited easily in 1 display from several places after being transcoded or dispersed to multiple programs. We’ve heard a great deal of individuals ask us this question why they ought to utilize Livebox in their cctc dvr and surveillance streaming apparatus. This is the ideal time to present Livebox to actually optimize and efficiently apply your surveillance system.

Live video playout software to re-stream YouTube videos

All media streamed throughout the Livebox streaming server is the consumer’s responsibility. Consequently, if you’re using content from YouTube, then ensure it is your content or you receive the right rights to flow the content. The IVB7 Playout applications can import videos from YouTube. The sole condition is they shouldn’t be monetized. Monetized movies can’t be directly imported to the live playout nevertheless they may be straight re-streamed from inside Livebox itself utilizing the in-built queues. Publish any stock footage or reduced thirds from any website that sells inventory footages. It’s likely to also import richly made images made from Adobe After the Adobe Premiere Pro to utilize inside the CG editor.

Together with the IVB7 Live playout, you may add unlimited files, streams or Ad breaks. The in-built CG editor makes it incredibly simple to add your personal Lower thirds, scrolling results or names. As soon as you create the PIN, ie the license key for your Playout and Video mixer, you may download the applications from inside Livebox and trigger it with the created PIN. Remember tokeep the permit code quite confidential as it’s just accredited per Livebox administrator. Invite Livebox to friends and people that you understand so they may also be benefitted by this very affordable product which costs less but is more full of features. In case you’ve not ever used Livebox or some of those hardware equipment made by IVB7 earlier, just signup today in livebox.co.in to get it done. The possibilities are literally unlimited when it comes to the characteristics of this live playout software that’s bundled together with the Livebox server. The playout applications is worth over 1500 USD when bought seperately however it’s included at no extra cost within Livebox streaming machine panel, the most live backpack hardware as well as also the livebox appliance. The IVB7 live playout is included with each Livebox server. To utilize your Live playout, go into the settings of this Livebox server and create your own distinctive permit PIN number so you may use the Playout applications without constraints to flow live when combined together with the livebox encoder.

Livebox is the sole live streaming server which is included with in-built Playout applications. There are two choices for playout using Livebox Playout with the playlist and spares function inside Livebox. This is sometimes just used on-cloud in your committed Livebox with no necessity for any extra applications. This may also import and re-stream both live and plain YouTube videos. The publicly included professional playout applications that could be downloaded from inside Livebox. In this blog article,we are going to mostly Concentrate on the downloadable Playout applications for Windows