Self Streaming RTMP in-built into the Livebox Streaming Server

Yet another revolutionary live streaming innovation with server based automatic live streaming.

Hands-free live video streaming is the way to go

When you use the Livebox Live Streaming server wth GPU, you don’t need a seperate PC to be turned on to do the Live Video Streaming. The Livebox CDN server will be your one stop automated assistant to take care of your complete Live Streaming workflow with it’s built-in OBS Studio, VLC player,Skype and more to come.

Self Streaming RTMP in-built into the Livebox Streaming Server 1

Hands-free live video streaming is the future of live video streaming. Imagine if you didn’t have to turn on your PC,laptop or a dedicated hardware encoder to tun your Live Streams. The day has come when that has come true. Today, Livebox takes care of streaming your live content by itself.

What if you don’t have video content for your live channel?

Live Streaming without content is made easy.

It’s easy to pick content from YouTube or several hundreds of other sites directly within LIvebox and re-stream existing vod through the Livebox live streaming server using the playlist. Make sure that you get the respective content owner’s permission before you do this. However, you may end up benefiting a lot of content owners through your use of Livebox when you support them by promoting their content on your channel.


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Launching IP Camera and CCTV to IPTV converter

Convert your surveillance systems to broadcast systems INSTANTLY!

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That’s absolutely right. Now, with the all new Livebox converter, you can instantly turn your old analog cctv or dvr into a broadcasting machine. You can broadcast online using the Livebox IP converter that simply makes your simple surveillance systems to go global on your website when you need to publicly display your Surveillance systems.

Oh wait,Not only that!

Your existing DVR , CCTV or IP Camera gets totally UPGRADED when it’s connected to Livebox

When your CCTV or IP camera gets connected to the Livebox on-premise or on-cloud, you get to stream your content before every house hold in your entire area through the Livebox IPTV module, Geo blocking, transcoding, social streaming and everything gets enabled out of the box to your existing Surveillance systems. Isn’t that amazing?

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LiveBox 20


We enable you to go digital. Go digial today with the all new Livebox IP Camera and CCTV converter. Be the first to fully digitize your Analog or IP surveillance systems. What’s the point of having a security system when there’s nobody to watch it. Connect it to Livebox today and let the world watch and be aware for your security.

You can instantly share it everywhere to all social media including and not limited to YouTube,Facebook,Whatsapp,Skype,Periscope,Instagram or any RTMP / RTSP server.


Livebox also has privacy. We did not forget that. You can set your stream to private and restrict it only to certain ip addresses, websites or even location. If you only want your family member or company manager to monitor it, simply restrict it by IP.

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Tough questions about having your own streaming server

How many live streaming providers provide you with transparent details when it comes to live video streaming?

Livebox answers the tough question

What is the usable bandwidth allocated for you to use?

The lowest Livebox plan start with multiple Terabytes unlike any other service available.

Will I be able to speedtest and check the allocated internet speed on the server at anytime?

With Livebox, yes you can. Everything is fully transparent. Test and try pushing the limits on the server and know for yourself.

What is the latency? Can I verify the latency on the server?

With Livebox, there are network tools in-built on it to see the exact latency, conduct mtr tests and verify the latency between your server and any location.

Are the same set of servers shared with multiple users? So,are you being provided with shared resources for the amount I pay? 

No,absolutely NOT when it comes to Livebox. No other provider guarantees dedicated resources to you. When your usage lowers, your resources are used by other clients as in the case of other providers. That is not the case when it comes to Livebox. Your dedicated live streaming resources are all yours to use for 24×7. We are the ONLY live streaming provider who can guarantee you reliable resources for 24×7 use.

Will the number of concurrent customers using the system be made transparent to me?

The number of concurrent users on the server is also always available in plain view on not just one but several types of reports inside Livebox.

How many hours can I transcode? Are there time limitations?

If the Livebox plan you have selected is capable of transcoding,then your transcoding time is literally “unlimited”.If you are being provided dedicated resources,you shouldn’t be restricted by processing or transcoding hours. Livebox delivers!

Will I be charged exorbitantly for support? Will I have a relationship manager to take care of me when I am in need of help?

With Livebox,you will have your own support manager and support is available 24×7 because you are “highly” valued as a customer. We value you, your business and the relationship. It matters so much to us.

Will I get access to regular feature updates on a monthly basis on your live streaming platform?

Yes, free updates for life as long as you use Livebox on the cloud.

Live video playout software to re-stream YouTube videos

Livebox is the ONLY live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout software.

There are two options for playout with Livebox

  1. Playout using the playlist and queues function within Livebox. This can be just used on-cloud within your dedicated Livebox without the need for any additional software. This can also import and re-stream both live and plain YouTube videos.
  2. The freely included professional playout software which can be downloaded from within Livebox.

In this blog post,we’re going to mainly focus on the downloadable Playout software for Windows.Playout 1

The IVB7 live playout is included with every Livebox server. To use your Live playout, just go into the settings of the Livebox server and generate your own unique license PIN number so that you can use the Playout software without restrictions to stream live when used with the livebox encoder.

Live video playout software download with license pin


Once you generate the PIN, ie the license key for your Playout and Video mixer, you can download the software from within Livebox and activate it using the generated PIN. Remember tokeep the license code very confidential since it is only licensed per Livebox administrator

The Livebox Playout software even to simply output content into any LED TV or Monitor.

YouTube video import and re-streaming by just copy/pasting the link


Paste the link inside the Playout software

Playout 4


The IVB7 Playout software  can seamlessly import videos from YouTube. The only condition is that they should not be monetized. Monetized videos cannot be directly imported into the live playout however they can be directly re-streamed from within Livebox itself using the in-built queues.

With the IVB7 Live playout, you can add unlimited files, streams or Advertisement breaks. The in-built CG editor makes it extremely easy to add your own Lower thirds, scrolling effects or titles.

Import any stock footage or lower thirds from any site that sells stock footages. It is possible to also import richly designed graphics rendered from Adobe After effects or the Adobe Premiere Pro to use within the CG editor.

The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the features of the live playout software that is bundled along with the Livebox server. The playout software is alone worth over 1500 USD when purchased seperately however it is included at no additional cost within Livebox streaming server panel, the live backpack hardware and the livebox appliance.

All media streamed through the Livebox streaming server is the user’s responsibility. So, if you are using content from YouTube,make sure that it is your own content or you get the appropriate rights to stream the content.

Refer Livebox to friends and people you know so that they can also be benefitted by this affordable product that costs less but is rich in features. If you have never used Livebox or any of the hardware equipment manufactured by IVB7 before, just signup now at to experience it.

Experience the All-New Livebox Client Portal

Greetings Livebox Users! Get ready for two-fold profits.

Livebox live streaming server has been a money saving boon to its users nearly for decades. Now it has taken one more step in its milestone where Livebox not only helps in saving money but also in making money.

Did you know? Unlike traditional live streaming services, you don’t need to have additional recurring costs to make money with Livebox. All you need is one Livebox server, and you can sell streaming services to several clients using the same server. That’s why Livebox is your very own infrastructure.

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal 1

Introducing you,

The Client portal with groundbreaking Reseller features

Taking our customers benefits in concern we have developed a new extension to create sub-users of your need. You can either reduce your workload by creating sub-users to eye on alternative streaming activities or in your absence.

Wondering for the possibility of money making from the above mentioned?? Yes, you can use this same feature by giving client portal access for rent or cashback. There are several small-scale streamers present to whom you can lend this access and still be benefitted in either way. You can even start up your professional streaming set-up by creating a set of sub-users to organize your events. It doesn’t stop just with this, it is much more!

Did you know? New features are being added to Livebox all the time so that you can make more money, your customers will be extremely happy and you will feel the satisfaction of selling the most competitive product in the market!

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal

Things you can do with this feature,

  • You can create another Livebox user (admin) and share your powers and responsibility with your new admin.
  • The admin assigns the role to their users. They can be Livebox users or just client portal user.
  • If you feel like only giving control and not powers, then you can create a client portal user (sub-users) and give them the channel control.
  • Allot channel destinations for your sub-users to subject their streaming to various media platforms.

Introducing websites inside Livebox

Can a live video streaming server host business sites? No,Not until now

People have wanted something more than live video streaming to promote and market their brands. Livebox is the answer to our customer’s needs to quickly build brands online. Livebox enables you to not only start a 24×7 live streaming video channel but it also helps you promote and build your brand using multiple social platforms and reach multitudes of people at once by combining the power of video and social media through a single platform.

How do you propagate a brand using the dedicated Livebox Video Streaming server?

A new ground breaking feature has been introduced inside Livebox for marketing and promoting businesses, Until now, the Livebox live streaming server was solely focused on live video streaming. However, in the last few days, a lot of major changes have been added into Livebox that take the box to a different level, ie to even provide business services inside it.

Using Livebox, you will soon be able to host and manage multiple secure websites, content portals and so much more. To have your own live video portal, the Livebox websites provides several options apart from using the in-built IPTV portal.

Livebox sites

Secure each website inside Livebox easily using purchased SSL certificates or the free Let’s encrypt SSL certificate.

A file manager has been added to provide the ability to easily and quickly copy files to/from websites inside Livebox. Restart websites within a click. Edit common configuration files such as php.ini and nginx.conf without a sweat through the admin panel.

And more than all of these, the best part is that the Livebox sites is pre-secured based on known security attacks and SEO optimized so that customers can focus on their business while Livebox automates the whole hosting and online marketing process.

If you have never used Livebox, it is time to invest in it now to start a serious business using the Internet. Livebox is your dedicated video streaming and video marketing infrastructure in a box. Several companies and governments trust Livebox to not only run their live TV channels but also promote and market their brands using their dedicated infrastructure that is built using Livebox. Have a look at and signup if you have never used Livebox before.

The new Livebox will be shipped and ready to use by the coming new year. Share us your thoughts and have a wonderful live streaming Christmas


How to Live Stream Using OBS Studio?

How to Live Stream Using OBS Studio?
   Livebox streaming server offers a smooth and uncomplicated streaming workflow. Its flexibility can be witnessed while working alongside distinct encoders.
Here with which few steps are listed for crystal clear understanding of streaming workflow by using OBS studio.
  • Go to OBS studio and click the icon add icon from the tab Source.LiveBox
  • A pop-up menu with the listed options will show up. From the listed options select Media source.streaming with OBS
  • A dialog box Create/Select Source gets opened where you can name and set as per your requirements and then click OK.LiveBox streaming
  • After clicking OK, a dialog box Properties for Media Source gets opened. In Properties for Media Source, select the required options for your streaming and then click Browse.LiveBox streaming with OBS studio
  • Once you click to browse you get accessed to your local files where you can browse and select your source. Then Click OK and your source is added.streamingLive StreamingLiveBox streaming server
  • Now go to Livebox and select Manage channels from the navigation menu and click Streaming URL to copy the Streaming URL link.streaming URLeasy LiveBox Streaming
  • Go to OBS studio and select Settings under the menu Controls.streaming process
  • A whole Setting tab will be opened and click Stream.LiveBox live streaming
  • By clicking Stream, a new page with an empty URL bar and stream key bar get opened where the copied URL link has to be pasted. And from the same link, the Stream key has to cut pasted in the bar which says, Stream key.Stream settings in OBS Studio
  • (The highlighted part of the streaming URL is the Stream key)stream key
  • Now click the option Start streaming under the menu Controls.Start streaming option in OBS studio
  • Now go to Livebox and click Manage channels from the navigation menu and under manage channels select Channel Dashboard and click Play to preview your video.previewing live streamLiveBox streaming server
  • Thus, these simple steps can help you out to accomplish your first streaming process.
    Happy Streaming!