On the fly MP4 and HLS live recording

Good news!

We’ve introduced the new Livebox with on the fly MP4 and HLS live recording

HLS live recording

Webstreamer 10 Webstreamer 6

Together with Livebox 3.02, we’ve introduced live MP4 and HLS recording on the fly. Live recording means you finally have the option to direct you do not need to wait for FLV files to convert to MP4. Apart from recording live on YouTube or Facebook, the Livebox server may keep a record of of your live streams so you can stay organized. This also helps you’ve got a backup of your files in orginal quality and allow viewers to check out your latest live streams on-demand out of anywhere.

Now, you may see the status of the stations that have live recording ON/OFF straight on the dashboard. The live recording can be of HLS format or MP4 format.

Grab your personal livebox today! You can setup MP4 or HLS recording the following display. In case you’ve got multiple live streams, the files are automatically created with a trailing identification attached to the name of the file that you supply. It’s practically so straightforward to utilize the Live streaming with live recording attribute compared to any other platform, service or server available in the present market.

On the fly MP4 and HLS live recording

Also,remember that the IVB7 Livebox is the very feature rich box that you could possibly use to rely on to the broadcast related business. Nothing beats the IVB7 Livebox in-terms of direct practicality, cost and features. If you are someone who is not using Livebox for your live streams, then you should begin straight away. Get Livebox RIGHT now. Just go on and join at https://livebox.co.in and you will find your way smooth streaming very quickly and Live recording also.

Not just that, in the coming versions, you will be able to use a brand new video library with which you can embed and discuss anywhere.

IPTV Panel users may enjoy the new MP4 and HLS recording functionalities since you can instantly add VOD classes for your subscribers and audiences on your panel.

We have far more in store that we’re super worried about. We’ll be back with a good deal more good news. Until then,love streaming days ahead!

Author: Venkat Ram

Shakela mohan is a SEO Analyst at CD TECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD

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