Video & Web Conferencing

Video conferencing, web conferencing and online meetings are fast becoming important tools for organizations that must communicate with staff, clients or students in different geographical locations. Here are a few items to consider when you shop around for the system That’s Ideal for you: 1. Do you have to communicate with a single static location or using a variety of potentially changing locations? In case you’ve got a head office and a stationary branch office that you want to communicate with, then a stationary connection system could do the job for you. However, if you want to connect with a variety of places or allow people anywhere to join your seminars or meetings then you should choose a system that lets you add users wherever they log in from. 2. Would you like a browser based system or can you operate with proprietary applications? A few of the first web and video conferencing software had their own software and also particular hardware to set up.

Businesspeople Attending Video Conference
Group Of Businesspeople Attending Video Conference In Office


Now it is possible to use automation systems that run on all browsers and all operating systems with no need for specific hardware. Have a look at the several methods being offered and pick the one which would fit in with your organization’s technical capabilities. 3. Are some of the participants behind firewalls? The firewalls keep out hackers, but they could also pose a problem for some conferencing systems. Check to find out if the calculating system of your choice can deal with this dilemma. 4. How important is movie to you? If you’d like to see your colleagues and staff as they engage in your meetings, then you will need a system that permits some locations to hook up to the assembly with a web camera. Check to see how many individual video windows are permitted by the various applications which you consider, and select the one which best meets your needs. 5. What features do you need? Would you want to survey attendees and receive immediate results while you’re online? Some systems allow the host to present a query and then all the participants can vote or give a response with the click of their mouse. Would you wish to share programs online? If your conferencing system enables application sharing then it is possible for the host to present PowerPoint presentations, by way of example, that will be visible to each of the attendees.Make a list of these communications features that you want and fit them to the capacities of each system that you believe. 6. What’s your budget? Obviously you want the most features which are possible but you also need to weigh-in the costs. When you make your decision, keep in mind that the benefits you will receive by communicating on the internet, consider the price of doing so offline and then examine the fees charged by the conference technology providers. Opt for a communications package that will give you a fantastic return on your investment. Now, armed with this checklist, get online and do a search for web or video conferencing and select out a system which will enable you to run your meetings online in a price that you are able.

Author: Venkat Ram

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