Video streaming Security and Protection techniques inside Livebox

The most recent Livebox streaming server has listed live material security and film security to quite a different level. Security Layers A cookie limit setting may be enabled to stop anybody from watching your recorded or live stream from a different domain in your Site Hot-linking protection is another feature which can be disabled or permitted to shield your stream from being embedded or used in thirdparty websites Encryption is a brand new feature which can be enabled on-demand to completely encrypt all of the video packets inside your live or vod stream.

The fantastic thing about this is that nobody would have the ability to play the movie even when they figure out how to download it. IP restriction is another cutting edge feature that currently exists but we believed it’d be a fantastic idea to mention it here. This may be used to completely block or permit access to particular ip addresses. Blocked IPs will be totally locked from reaching the machine through any means in the IP address. Stream Download defense is only one more new technique used to protect the stream from being downloaded from picture downloading programs. Can these mechanics completely guard my video content from being listed? Although we’d like to own super powers, we do not have them. There is no option that comes this way to safeguard your own video.

Livebox has got video safety to some completely different level by integrating numerous safety layers as options to guard your video. Using today’s technology,it is quite likely to just capture the video with a high-end phone camera in decent quality. To go further,somebody can connect the playing image to a recorder. There’s no known technology which is present to prevent video content from being listed. It may just be guarded. Livebox has got that security much before the presently available technology on the industry. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen people asking us about how we could offer so much at this low price unlike some other streaming host or service supplier in the world industry. Our only real response to them is that we actually wish to make a difference, we’d love to affect your business and be the only trusted partner not only for the service but also concerning pricing.

Author: Venkat Ram

Shakela mohan is a SEO Analyst at CD TECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD

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