Tough questions about having your own streaming server

How many live streaming providers give you clear particulars about live video streaming?

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Listed below are various challenging questions which no extra live streaming provider is apparent about. Just Livebox can show you total transparency concerning live streaming apps on the CDN.
What’s the usable bandwidth allocated which you use?
The cheapest Livebox plan start with numerous Terabytes unlike any other service available.
Can I am able to speedtest and rate the allocated net speed on the host at any time?
What’s completely transparent. Assessment and try pushing the limitations on the machine and comprehend yourself.
What’s the latency?
Together with Livebox, you may discover system programs in-built on it to observe the specific latency, run mtr tests and confirm that the latency between your server and the other site.
Are the specific same set of servers shared with a lot of consumers? No other supplier guarantees dedicated tools to you. Whenever your usage lowers, your tools are utilized by other clients as in the case of different providers. That is not the situation in connection with Livebox. We are the only live streaming supplier who’ll guarantee you reliable tools for 24×7 use.
The amount of customers on the server could be constantly available in plain view not just one but various kinds of reports within Livebox.
Are there any time constraints?
Livebox delivers!
Can I be billed for aid?
With Livebox,you’ll have your private support manager and service is available 24×7 because you’re”exceptionally” appreciated as a customer. It matters a lot to us.
Could I get access to routine feature updates on a monthly foundation on your live streaming program?
Yes, completely free updates for life so long as you use Livebox on the cloud.

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