The most reliable way to stream and store surveillance on the cloud

Here is the difference when utilizing Livebox along with the Plug and Play Livebox transcoder Get the most trustworthy Surveillance system streamer.
Let’s literally establish Livebox is the only accessible high excellent cloud established box to disperse your surveillance programs .
Were you aware that Livebox was given as the most value for money product for 24×7 reside multi-channel surveillance transcoding and broadcasting?

Utilize Livebox and maintain your dwell surveillance system backed up on the cloud in a ridiculously low price whilst also using the live flow being exhibited easily in 1 display from several places after being transcoded or dispersed to multiple programs.

Livebox is the Solution
With no Livebox,what you can’t perform on your surveillance programs

A cctv,ip camera,nvr or dvr can’t be printed on to some web page right.
It cannot be directly reside subscribed to facebook,youtube or alternative social networking destinations.
It wants a static ip or ddns to have the ability to attach in externally to see the system.
Your broadband service provider can alter the preferences of their broadband router anytime or through maintenance. Router configurations are a hassle.

As we answer this,let us discuss the live broadcasting challenges confronted with a normal surveillance program to answer that query. Live surveillance broadcasting
The Huge difference with Livebox

no Extra router configurations
View live streams from various gear sellers directly in 1 display
All of your places can be easily transcoded to some format
Different channels can be re-streamed to various destinations like YouTube,Facebook and other social destinations
And above All, the prices are considerably lower when you use Livebox as the own cloud broadcasting alternative

In not only one or two but many situations,individuals come to us for broadcasting their own surveillance programs seamlessly at inexpensive prices after looking and trying out many distinct services by squandering their time and money in vain. If you’re a newcomer to Livebox,simply adhere to these points as we walkthrough a number of the very effective facts of utilizing Livebox inside your cctv,ip camera,dvr and nvr infrastructure. This is the perfect time to present Livebox to actually optimize and efficiently apply your surveillance system.

Individuals setup CCTV,DVRs,NVRs and IP Cameras but do not rely on them in many cases because they”fail” to operate According to the promises of different vendors because of changes in system configurations,hard disk failures and hard to use programs We’ve heard a great deal of individuals ask us this question why they ought to utilize Livebox in their cctc dvr and surveillance broadcasting apparatus. Though IVB7 has been growing a few live broadcasting hardware and applications goods because 2010, Livebox has been the very record breaking innovation concerning pricing and attributes.

Get Livebox. Contact us now at +919789978981 and signup at


Author: Venkat Ram

Shakela mohan is a SEO Analyst at CD TECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD

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