Build your own CDN using Livebox

Building your CDN with LiveBox servers
Streaming over RTMP LiveBox online cloud hosting host lets you schedule your own TV channels using IVB7 Studio. IVB7 is excellent software which does everything from streaming to playout as well as mixing. HLS streaming server Streaming over RTSP Following are the situations which you can do using your CDN to be a top quality cloud support provider to your clients. Launch your online TV channel HLS is also known as HTTP Live streaming which is a HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol. It divides the overall stream into an array of miniature HTTP-based file downloads. 1 short chunk of this conceivably unbounded transport stream can be loaded with each of these HTTP-based file downloads.

RTMP or Real-Time Messaging Protocol was developed for streaming video, audio, and data over the World Wide Web, involving a Flash player along with a host. So through this outstanding low-latency communicating RTMP streaming host , you can stream different content such as
⦁ Live Stream Publishing
⦁ H.264 with AAC and MP3 streaming to flow content to the net
⦁ On the fly live recording of FLV and transcoded MP4

If you purchase a LiveBox host as an appliance or CDN, you’ll get a free playout software, video mixing applications and Android programs along with it. This Video Streaming host also incorporates the capacity to monitor all your live receiver apparatus in one area. A live receiver device is a controllable player through which you can catch the live stream in any given location. You can remotely check the status and the speed of the net on the device with the assistance of this preeminent live receiver apparatus. So to appreciate these amazing facilities you’ll be able to opt for this striking live receiver device. Remote dwell receiver apparatus Livebox additionally supports streaming H.265 with AAC and MP3 for high quality streaming at reduced bandwidth.
H.265 uses 50% lower bandwidth compared to H.264 and hence is very efficient when you wish to transmit high excellent video in low bandwidth or high latency over long distances.
RTSP can also be useful to incorporate with existing Surveillance systems such as IP Cameras, CCTV, DVR or NVR’s.

We would love to introduce to you our immaculate innovation, the Livebox streaming server CDN network whereby you can transfer Video and Audio streamed live to a server attached to premium Gbps network. A number of our customers are utilizing Livebox to build their own CDN networks.Livebox is a unique streaming server box which may be instantly deployed everywhere is specially constructed and pre-hosted to a ultra high speed system for professional broadcasters. Stream your TV channel into multiple destinations
we’re standing in an age of advanced technology where many different streaming servers are offered among which LiveBox is your very best. It will stream in your behalf to numerous destinations like Facebook, YouTube etc.. It can stream almost any kind of device like Mobile, PC, Roku and so forth.
With the help of LiveBox streaming server, you can manage your station or groups on your own due to its integrated IPTV module. It can allow you to incorporate with Linux and Android boxes also. If you want you can have a Multi-CDN installation. To get detailed advice about Livebox, visit now.

Management and Support Distinctive attributes of Livebox streaming server If you would like to program or automate your channel completely, playout is going to be the greatest alternative for you. It comes with a built-in CG and plenty of exceptional features which cannot just schedule your TV station but let it run too. You simply need to make a simple call to find a free demo.

Schedule your TV channel effortlessly Do you want to reach huge numbers of people at the minimum price? Then this sublime Streaming server is going to be a one-stop solution for you. You may start multiple private TV channels over the web which will be possessed by you. And with the help of brilliant instruments and technologies of the excellent streaming server, you can handle it quite easily. An in-built automobile reconnection mechanism can also be incorporated. Together with that if you need, you can join it using numerous LiveBoxes because it provides Multi-CDN switching centre.
This live receiver is distinguished mainly by two types
⦁ The very first one is IPTV recipient
⦁ And the next one is remote IP receiver
You’ll get the full information on

Watch the following video to get a clear image of how to set up your own Origin-Edge CDN network which spans throughout the world using Livebox: The most outstanding usefulness of this predominant Streaming server is that it includes immediately scalable hardware and loyal system. So aside from fulfilling live broadcasting requirements, LiveBox is also suitable for business applications such as an online whiteboard, video conferencing, etc..

Nowadays social networking has become a dominant part of the business promotion and raising productivity. We would like to notify you that this excellent Video streaming machine is also a potent distribution hub. With only a couple of clicks it allows you to Publish your live content over various powerful social media connections like Facebook, Youtube and countless other live streaming providers. With Livebox, you are able to setup your own CDN employing the in-built Origin-Edge installation.

A peerless distribution hub LiveBox can be obtained for you from 6 am to 12 am IST all times throughout the year. You will get outstanding live webcasting and predominant video streaming server support through phone, email and remote desktopcomputer. Therefore, if you confront any issue you’ll receive comprehensive assistance from competent professionals in preventing and identifying them. If you examine the marketplace you can see that quality premium support costs very high. But LiveBox has been established as a new because of its excellent support at almost no additional price. In short, take your business to another level with the assistance of LiveBox streaming server.

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