The paid IVB7 live video playout software for free

Were you aware you get this IVB7 playout software along with the IVB7 Livebox server?

Together with the IVB7 playout, you are able to stream and playout online with no additional cost with the integrated IVB7 webstreamer. Let’s take a peek at all the available attributes of this all new IVB7 Playout applications that is provided with every purchase of Livebox server. Assessing playlists and advertisements for your live TV channel has never been easier. No other provider provides an all rounded solution like IVB7 with it’s suite of products to take you from begin to end of your professional TV station setup. We have tested and established products and solutions that are currently being used by numerous clients around the world to run their live TV channels. Schedule reside TV efficiently.

Program Scheduler
Create playlists and revive playlist at anytime
Create and restore presets anytime
Add unlimited videos as long as there is enough computing power.
Supports video signal of any dimension in SD / HD / / 4K / / 12K or HD
Correct output resolutions for source formats of any resolution
Form play record
View complete video information and total run time.
Capability to set start time and finish times for each video.
Export to multiple destinations:
Perform to output video apparatus
Perform to movie document
Play to the net live
Play out to the live mixer
Perform to the extended monitor
Supports various input formats
Publish and play audio files of any video format (Supports most popular movie formats)
Insert multiple video inputs from other IVB7 equipments, Decklink or any other third party capture apparatus
Add live video from online sources like RTSP / RTMP resources
Ability to play out live screen
Insert live CG and Overlays
Add video overlays to the articles
Built-in CG editor to style overlays
Program overlays time shrewd, date shrewd and also possible with year shrewd.
CG Editor
• Capability to add multiple emblem’s.
• Ability to add scrolling text using different font design, font colour, shape colour and with various languages.
• Picture series with CG is potential.
• Ability to multiple ticker content in one preset.
• Supports flashing images. .
Schedule Ads
Insert live AD breaks between programs
Schedule AD fractures by time or from app
Ability to sort, add or remove files dwell
Ability to add an instant AD at any point of time.
Boost the quality of present audio.
Audio mixing through the audio mixer
Synchronize and rectify audio for files where audio is out of sync
Record reside playout to video document with blending and overlays
Seamless switching between videos
Capability to endeavor interlaced video as deinterlace.
Import video footages, use effects


Author: Venkat Ram

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