Lowest priced IVB7 servers – totally unbeatable

Free Android HD Encoder Program for LiveBox Included! Stop by ivb7.com or livebox.co.in Unlimited Bandwidth. No fees for bandwidth. Works using OBSStudio, WIrecast,XSplit,VMix, Flash Media Live Encoder or even ANY Program. Are you currently a web developer or freelancer? REBRAND LiveBox Server within your brand name. Optional API for integration together with ready made streaming program.

Fully Interchangeable and Customizable gamers. Other Capabilities Instantly switch between JWPlayer,Flowplayer, Clappr,Mediaelementjs,Plyr,etc.. Launch Internet Satellite TV Station The IVB7 Internet satellite TV channel is the quickest possible way for one to become popular all around the internet via live video streaming in unbeatably low pricing. The quickest way to receive famous Rs. 799 just for MULTIPLE internet TV channels + Only a bit more extra cost to Transcode into UNLIMITED YouTube,Facebook accounts Launch your Internet Satellite TV Station and host HUNDREDs of all TV stations at an Incredibly Super LOW Price. Yesnow, it is possible to stream multiple TV stations live 24/7 into UNLIMITED online websites beginning from Rs.799 / month/ Be concurrently LIVE on multiple balances at each Live Streaming platform The IVB7 Playout and Mixer is added at no extra price. It would be absurd to overlook this kind of offer that’s available only with IVB7. Now it isn’t required to spend a few thousands or lakhs on playout and blending hardware or applications. It comes along with no extra cost with all the Livebox server.

Author: Venkat Ram

Shakela mohan is a SEO Analyst at CD TECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD

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