Live video marketing & 360 degree video experiences

By leveraging cutting edge technologies such as Websockets and synced shipping,the end to end latency is radically reduced supplying a consistant experience across all platforms. Introducing Future Stream, a live streaming media creation in IVB7 To Find out More, contact +919789978981 on how you can incorporate LiveBox into your media workflow In this shifting world of streaming media and audience demands, LiveBox brings the latest technology Future Stream. Together with FutureStream, users may experience live and immersive 360 degree video experiences.

Generate channels to generate revenue
Start your own Live station and host people’s stations.
Enable your customers to generate revenue using LiveBox
Split second latency streaming — accessible only with LiveBox
Construct your own Live Streaming software using the LiveBox API

How do you use Live video streaming for marketing? Get the LiveBox development SDK to find out more about how it is possible to incorporate and develop utilizing LiveBox server. FutureStream also incorporates live components and components where your viewers can interact with emojis, Q & A’s,more.
Also, when users require prompt realt-time streams, FutureStream will help to deliver the content with broken second delay ultra low latency streaming.

LiveBox is one of a type that helps you Begin with any

Live video promotion is the most recent type of advertising and sales through live streaming. Insert FutureStream (a 360 level monitoring and streaming initiative by IVB7) and you boost your abilities to reach a huge audience through multiple social networking accounts. Live video streaming is the future of online marketing. Livebox is your very best live media solution available today which aids in streamlining any content creation and distribution workflow. By employing livebox within your company, organization, station, studio or TV station, you can straight away reduce your existing costs by more than 50% because of the competitive pricing of this service and the ability to set up instant solutions for your clients with the most minimal learning curve. Livebox is constructed for high performance and requires no performance tuning. Livebox has in-built safety characteristics that will be simply turned on for various situations. Scale massively using the LiveBox self recovery infrastructure. It delivers high performance and scales as you expand. The self healing capability of our servers assist in recovering fast before potential problems can start on the server. Our solutions are built on AWS and Axure to offer itself healing infrastructure through distribution of POPs and Nodes across the world.

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