Handle millions of concurrent viewers at ease with Livebox Autoscaler

Livebox Autoscaler – Scale live streaming servers for over 8800,000+ viewers

Handle millions of concurrent viewers at ease with Livebox Autoscaler

Have you got an event for your business in which the range of viewers matter? Ask us for the Livebox Autoscaling solution. Call us today at +91 9789 9789 81 Livebox is currently the most light weight and cheapest price live streaming alternative with capacities to scale from the box. This coming month, we are introducing a brand new infrastructure scaling tool called the Livebox Autoscaler for automobile adding servers to get a massive audience. It is not a plain simple load balancer. It is a scaler

Sometimes, you will find traffic spikes during specific times but not all the time. So, how can you actually handle this? When our clients started with their live distribution, they begin with fewer viewers however since the audience of our clients grow, they ask us for ways to expand. The”Autoscaler” is a an automatic infrastructure scaling tool which would instantly expand multiple Livebox’s on demand. We’re not talking about having a site which looks like YouTube. We’re speaking about becoming like YouTube with exactly the exact same kind of infrastructure in the tap of your fingers at the lowest cost.

Together with Livebox Autoscaler, it’d totally put you at break while it protects scaling the entire method for you. What if you could have a huge video streaming infrastructure like Hotstar, YouTube or Facebook to serve the sudden rush of your audience? Yes that is possible today with on-demand scaling with the Livebox live video Autoscaler. Are you aware that Livebox doesn’t use bloated code under the hood? No thirdparty programming frameworks like JAVA! This makes Livebox work at the speed of light.

Author: Venkat Ram

Shakela mohan is a SEO Analyst at CD TECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD

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