Adding Breaks using Livebox Playout Software

Breaks management in Livebox playout applications is just one of the useful and important features which adds additional expert touch to a live streams. It’s possible to add advertisements or perhaps brief contents in the middle of your streaming playlists by using this feature. To add fractures to your streaming contents, then you are able to follow the provided steps below. The subsequent steps will teach you how to bring a rest between two flowing contents.

Proceed into a playout window and then click on Insert File below Program Playlist to include your articles from the regional files.

playout software in livebox

After your content has been inserted, under Start Time alter your initiation time.

adding break feature

Then again, click Insert File to bring the following content to your playlist.

Note: You may also utilize Insert List to include at least two contents for your playlist.

livebox break control

Now click on the content after which you want the rest to happen. Click Insert breaks and breaks command opens where again click Insert File to incorporate your break between your streaming information.

mixing break with streams

After adding the content, you can set the start time for your break under Start Time. The beginning time puts the interruption point in your own playlist content and also to perform with your own break. And below End Time you may set the lasting time of your break.

break setting

In the given time that your playlist content places to perform and you’re able to view it on your own preview.

easy break mixing

In this given illustration you can see the break consecutively played in the midst of the streaming playlist content.
mixing video

After the given time of the break, again it starts to play the streaming playlist content.

livebox break

Once the first playlist content is over, then it moves to your second playlist content as of how it is set in your playlist reference (time and date setting).

break feature in livebox

  • To do likewise in your Livebox channel, you can follow these steps.
  • And then go to your Livebox encoder, enable preview and set Video device as Streaming Playout Device.
  • Then enter RTMP URL of your channel in URL bar to add breaks to your live streams.livebox playout break control
  • For more clarity on how to stream using Livebox playout and encoder, Click here.
    By following these steps and the link, you can add a break to your contents and stream it to several destinations through your Livebox channel.

Author: Venkat Ram

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