How to upload and live stream your files?

To upload and live stream your files using Livebox here is a simple step by step procedure.
  • Go to your Livebox dashboard.
  • Click on the Queues from the navigation menu.

Select the icon on the screen.

Once the drop-down appears you can fill in the required fields: Queues, Task name, and Priority.


  • Click on the Queues option from the drop-down and select Add new queues, type in the desired name for the Task and set your task Priority.
  • Scroll your dashboard screen and go to Files option to select your file.Livebox
  • Once you click on the Files button a new drop down will appear which will allow you to select a file from your computer.Livebox
  • You can choose any file you desire from your computer as it directly leads you to your PC.Livebox
  • Once you have selected your file, click on the option Available videos and select the name of the file that you will be streaming live from the drop down under Available videos.
  • Now scroll back up and find the button Destination and fill in provided spaces of Available channels and Select a Preset.
  • You can select the name of the channel you desire to live stream the video in from the drop down of Available channels and select default from under the drop down of Select a Preset.Livebox
  • Now click on Add Live.
  • You can now go to the Dashboard option under the Queues button and click on it to check if your video is streaming.
  • Click on the Select Queues in the dashboard screen and select the name of the channel you have created and check if your video is streaming live.
  • The destination’s timer or the active status will confirm that your video is streaming live.
  • You can also check it on your main dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard on the top corner of the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select the name of the channel in your dashboard to view the video.


You are now successfully live, happy streaming.

To learn more about Livebox  click here.



Author: Venkat Ram

Shakela mohan is a SEO Analyst at CD TECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD

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