Playout and Video Mixer Software Download

Playout and Video Mixer Software Download
   Livebox is the only live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout Software and Video Mixer which can be downloaded cost-free.
To download Playout Software, Encoder and Video Mixer,
  • Go to Account Settings and click Download.
  • download
  • Download option for both Android and Studio show up.playout software
  • If you are an Android user you can download by clicking Android App, otherwise, click Studio to download PlayoutEncoder and Video Mixer software.
  • A new page in Livebox with options to download playout and video mixer opens. You can click Download Playout and Video Mixer to get started with the other facet of Livebox.
  • Click Generate Pin to get your unique pin code to license your authorization to playout and mixer software.
    Note: You can create many pins by clicking Generate Pin in Livebox.

    playout-encoder-mixer software

  • Once you click Generate Pin a new options to generate you pin appears, where you can click the icon cost free concoder playout and encoder software to get your pin.enocer-mixer-playout free download
  • Note: You can even edit your generated pin as you wish by clicking the edit icon Livebox playout and mixer software.encoder and playout software
  • Now go to your system downloads and complete the installation process of your playout, Encoder and mixer software. The installed file will appear in your desktop as,
  • playout and mixer software
  • Click the Mixer and Playout file in your desktop, a new dialog box Encoder-Mixer-Playout opens.mixer and encoder software in livebox
  • In Encoder-Mixer-Playout, you can enter your server name and give the pin generated by Livebox, and then give Submit.livebox mixer-encoder-playout free download
  • You have successfully installed the Encoder-Mixer-Playout software.playout-encoder-mixer
  • You can now can get started with your Livebox Encoder-Mixer-Playout software.

Author: Venkat Ram

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