Live Streaming on Facebook Using OBS Studio

Multi-channel usability is one of the features that Livebox integrates as it helps in distributing content around the globe over multiple mediums efficiently. Through Livebox the users can send their live streaming videos to all media that supports RTMP sources. And Facebook is one such media which is supported by Livebox for 24/7 live streaming.
The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to stream your videos in Facebook live using the Livebox streaming server.
  • Create your channel in Livebox.
  • Go to OBS Studio to encode your video source to Livebox streaming server.
  • From the navigation menu click Manage channels and under manage channels select Channel Dashboard and click Play to preview your video.

streaming preview

live streaming preview

  • Now go to Push Destinations under Manage Channels.

push destination

  • Push Destinations window opens, select your streaming channel and then click the Add Destination button located on the right side or the thunder button on the left side to select your destination.

push destination button

  • A dialog box Share on with several destinations shows up. As you wanted to stream live on Facebook, select the Facebook option and click then Push live stream to Facebook to get connected to Facebook.
    Note: If you select the option Automatically TURN ON when adding push value, the live stream will automatically begin to happen in your Facebook destination once the live streaming set-up is done. Otherwise, you have to manually turn on the push value to continue your live streaming on Facebook.

facebook streaming

  • In Facebook login page login with your credentials.

facebook login

  • You are now logged in. Select your sharing option and click Next.

facebook sharing

  • Once you click the Next button, a Connect your Live stream to the Live API Facebook page opens, you can minimize the window to see your Facebook destination being added in the push destination.
    Note: If you didn’t select the Automatically TURN ON when adding push value option, then you have to Turn On the push value to start your live streaming.

facebook destination added on livebox streaming server

  • Then go to Facebook, where it starts to fetch your Livebox contents for streaming.

facebook live video fetch

  • Your contents are now fetched, so you can give nice description and title to your stream and also decide the audience to share your live stream with.
  • Then click on the Go Live button on the right bottom corner.
  • You are now on live streaming on Facebook.

facebook live streaming using push destination

  • Check your live streaming on your Facebook timeline.

facebook live streaming preview

You have successfully live streamed on Facebook using OBS Studio.

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