Autostreaming the YouTube Playlist Videos

Livebox Autostrem is a feature developed by the Livebox streaming server to run channels with popular internet videos. With this feature in hand, it is now swift to share one or many YouTube sources to a certain media destination or a channel. And in the case of your own YouTube channel, you can also stream and share your YouTube videos to various destination/channel by creating a playlist in Autostream.
To create the playlist using this feature,
  • Go to Autostream and click the Create button.


  • A dialog box Add Video opens, where select the YouTube Files option.

    Autostream options

  • Now click the YouTube PlaylistID option to stream the whole YouTube playlist videos on your channel.
  • So, enter the YouTube Playlist ID in the box given below. Likewise, you can add a number of YouTube playlist ID to create your own playlist.

    playlist ID option in Autostream

(Note: For the YouTube Playlist ID whereabouts, refer to the illustration below.)


  • In General settings, give Playlist nameStreaming URL, set Preset and Buffer Size.
  • Now click Play to create your playlist.

playlist general settings

  • Your playlist is now created, where you can see YouTube videos being played one after another.

    Autostream playlist

  • Go to the channel dashboard and preview the source.

    YouTube playlist is created

You have successfully taken the playlist content to your RTMP server channel, from here you stream live the playlist contents to your streaming platforms/social media destinations.

Author: Venkat Ram

Shakela mohan is a SEO Analyst at CD TECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD

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