How to Live stream a 360-degree Source Using the Livebox Streaming server?

The Livebox streaming server supports the live streaming of the 360-degree camera and its source. So, to live stream a 360-degree source in Livebox you can’t do in the regular streaming way, as you have to enable a few settings in the player settings.

To Live stream a 360-degree source,

Login Livebox.

From the Livebox dashboard, go to Channel Settings.

channel settings in Livebox

In Channel Settings, go to the Player Settings.

player setting in n Livebox
  • In Player Settings, Turn On the Video360 setting.
video 360 option in Livebox
Turn on Video 360 option in Livebox
  • Then click the Save button beneath the player on the right side.
360-degree player settings

Now make sure that you have connected your 360-degree camera to the encoder.

Then stream the video source captured to the channel you have enabled the Video360 setting using the RTMP URL of the same channel.

To preview your source go the Dashboard and click on the player and navigate to the other sides captured by your 360-degree camera.


Happy 360-degree Live Streaming!

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