Wireless video transmission over long distances

The IVB7 video receiver is the only equipment that is meant purely for remote video receiving. It comes with an in-built speedtest and instant monitoring. You can monitor accurately whether the video is playing on the remote receiver or not plus you can control the remote receiver directly through the IVB7’s Livebox live video server.

The remote receiver is compatible with any streaming server however the remote monitoring feature is available exclusively through the Livebox live streaming server.

The IVB7 Internet video transmitter and receiver are a one of a kind equipment duo that allow you to broadcast high quality video feeds over the internet and receive them using the IVB7 remote video receiver at any location.

The IVB7 internet video transmitter is a rock solid reliable video encoder that can transmit video over the internet through long distances.

Why should you use the IVB7 internet video transmitter over other wireless video transmitting and receiving equipments?

Only the IVB7 internet video transmitter and receiver allow you to receive videos over very long distances through the internet at an extremely low cost. Try transmitting video over wifi or other wireless means and your costs will be extremely high with those equipments. However with the IVB7 video receiver, you can hook it up with any live rtmp or standard protocol compliant video transmission channel.

Using a combination of the IVB7 video transmitter,Livebox multi protocol based live video server and the IVB7 receiver, you can receive video seamlessly in any location.

Give us a call at +919789978981 to know more about using the IVB7 video receiver for your business or TV channel to reliably receive video at any unmanned remote location.

On the fly MP4 and HLS live recording

Good news! We have released the new Livebox with on the fly MP4 and HLS live recording

Webstreamer 10 Webstreamer 6



With Livebox 3.02, we have introduced live MP4 and HLS recording on the fly. Live recording means that you now have the option to directly you no longer need to wait for FLV files to convert into MP4. Apart from recording live on YouTube or Facebook, the Livebox server can keep an archive of all your live streams so that you can stay organized. This also helps you have a backup of all your files in orginal quality plus allow viewers to check out your latest live streams on-demand from anywhere.

Now, you can see the status of the channels that have live recording ON/OFF straight on the dashboard. The live recording can be of HLS format or MP4 format.

On the fly MP4 and HLS live recording

Grab your own livebox today! You can setup MP4 or HLS recording on the following screen. If you have multiple live streams, the files are automatically generated with a trailing id appended to the name of the file you provide. It is practically so simple to use the Live streaming with live recording feature compared to any other platform, service or server available in today’s market.

Also,remember that the IVB7 Livebox is the most feature rich box that you could possibly use to rely on for your broadcast related business. Nothing beats the IVB7 Livebox in-terms of straight practicality, cost and features. If you are someone who isn’t using Livebox for your live streams, you should get started right away. Get Livebox RIGHT now. Just go ahead and sign up at https://livebox.co.in and you will find your way smooth streaming in no time plus Live recording too.


On the fly MP4 and HLS live recording 1


Not only that, in the coming versions, you will be able to use a brand new video library with which you can embed and share anywhere.

IPTV Panel users can enjoy the new MP4 and HLS recording functionalities since you can instantly add VOD groups for your subscribers and viewers on your panel.

We still have a lot more in store that we’re super anxious about. We will be back with a lot more good news. Until then,enjoy streaming days ahead!


The most reliable way to stream and store surveillance on the cloud

Let us literally prove why Livebox is the only available high quality cloud based box to distribute your surveillance systems.

Did you know that Livebox has been awarded as the most value for money product for 24×7 live multi-channel surveillance transcoding and streaming?

livebox surveillance streaming

Although IVB7 has been developing several live streaming hardware and software products since 2010, Livebox has been the most record breaking innovation in terms of pricing and

In not just one or two but several cases,people have  come to us for streaming their surveillance systems seamlessly at affordable costs after searching and trying out several different services by wasting their time and money in vain.

Livebox is the answer

If you are new to Livebox,just follow the following points as we walkthrough some of the really effective facts of using Livebox within your cctv,ip camera,dvr and nvr infrastructure.


We have heard a lot of people ask us this question on why they should use Livebox within their cctc dvr and surveillance streaming workflow.


As we answer that,let’s talk about the live streaming challenges faced with a standard surveillance system to answer that question.

Without Livebox,what you cannot do on your surveillance systems

  1. A cctv,ip camera,nvr or dvr cannot be published on to a web page directly.
  2. It cannot be directly live streamed to facebook,youtube or other social media destinations.
  3. It needs a static ip or ddns to be able to connect in externally to view the system.
  4. Your broadband service provider can change the settings of the broadband router at anytime or during maintenance. Router settings are a headache.


Here’s the difference when using Livebox and the Plug and Play Livebox transcoder

The MASSIVE difference with Livebox

  1. No additional router settings
  2. View live streams from various equipment vendors directly in one screen
  3. All your locations can be easily transcoded to any format
  4. Different streams can be re-streamed to different destinations such as YouTube,Facebook and other social destinations
  5. And most importantly, the costs are significantly lower when you use Livebox as your cloud streaming solution

This is the right time for you to introduce Livebox to really maximize and effectively use your surveillance system.

People setup CCTV,DVRs,NVRs and IP Cameras but don’t use them in many cases just because they  “fail” to work as per the promises of various vendors due to changes in network configurations,hard disk failures and hard to use apps

Use Livebox and keep your live surveillance system always backed up on the cloud at a ridiculously low cost while also having the live stream being displayed seamlessly in one screen from various locations after being optionally transcoded or distributed to multiple platforms.

Get the most reliable Surveillance system streamer. Get Livebox. Call us today at +919789978981 and signup at livebox.co.in

Live video playout software to re-stream YouTube videos

Livebox is the ONLY live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout software.

There are two options for playout with Livebox

  1. Playout using the playlist and queues function within Livebox. This can be just used on-cloud within your dedicated Livebox without the need for any additional software. This can also import and re-stream both live and plain YouTube videos.
  2. The freely included professional playout software which can be downloaded from within Livebox.

In this blog post,we’re going to mainly focus on the downloadable Playout software for Windows.Playout 1

The IVB7 live playout is included with every Livebox server. To use your Live playout, just go into the settings of the Livebox server and generate your own unique license PIN number so that you can use the Playout software without restrictions to stream live when used with the livebox encoder.

Live video playout software download with license pin


Once you generate the PIN, ie the license key for your Playout and Video mixer, you can download the software from within Livebox and activate it using the generated PIN. Remember tokeep the license code very confidential since it is only licensed per Livebox administrator

The Livebox Playout software even to simply output content into any LED TV or Monitor.

YouTube video import and re-streaming by just copy/pasting the link

Ingest YouTube content into Livebox

Paste the link inside the Playout software

Playout 4


The IVB7 Playout software  can seamlessly import videos from YouTube. The only condition is that they should not be monetized. Monetized videos cannot be directly imported into the live playout however they can be directly re-streamed from within Livebox itself using the in-built queues.

With the IVB7 Live playout, you can add unlimited files, streams or Advertisement breaks. The in-built CG editor makes it extremely easy to add your own Lower thirds, scrolling effects or titles.

Import any stock footage or lower thirds from any site that sells stock footages. It is possible to also import richly designed graphics rendered from Adobe After effects or the Adobe Premiere Pro to use within the CG editor.

The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the features of the live playout software that is bundled along with the Livebox server. The playout software is alone worth over 1500 USD when purchased seperately however it is included at no additional cost within Livebox streaming server panel, the live backpack hardware and the livebox appliance.

All media streamed through the Livebox streaming server is the user’s responsibility. So, if you are using content from YouTube,make sure that it is your own content or you get the appropriate rights to stream the content.

Refer Livebox to friends and people you know so that they can also be benefitted by this affordable product that costs less but is rich in features. If you have never used Livebox or any of the hardware equipment manufactured by IVB7 before, just signup now at livebox.co.in to experience it.

Experience the All-New Livebox Client Portal

Greetings Livebox Users! Get ready for two-fold profits.

Livebox live streaming server has been a money saving boon to its users nearly for decades. Now it has taken one more step in its milestone where Livebox not only helps in saving money but also in making money.

Did you know? Unlike traditional live streaming services, you don’t need to have additional recurring costs to make money with Livebox. All you need is one Livebox server, and you can sell streaming services to several clients using the same server. That’s why Livebox is your very own infrastructure.

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal 1

Introducing you,

The Client portal with groundbreaking Reseller features

Taking our customers benefits in concern we have developed a new extension to create sub-users of your need. You can either reduce your workload by creating sub-users to eye on alternative streaming activities or in your absence.

Wondering for the possibility of money making from the above mentioned?? Yes, you can use this same feature by giving client portal access for rent or cashback. There are several small-scale streamers present to whom you can lend this access and still be benefitted in either way. You can even start up your professional streaming set-up by creating a set of sub-users to organize your events. It doesn’t stop just with this, it is much

Did you know? New features are being added to Livebox all the time so that you can make more money, your customers will be extremely happy and you will feel the satisfaction of selling the most competitive product in the market!

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal

things you can do with this feature,

  • You can create another Livebox user (admin) and share your powers and responsibility with your new admin.
  • The admin assigns the role to their users. They can be Livebox users or just client portal user.
  • If you feel like only giving control and not powers, then you can create a client portal user (sub-users) and give them the channel control.
  • Allot channel destinations for your sub-users to subject their streaming to various media platforms.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming Using the Livebox Playout and Encoder

To conduct Multi-Bitrate streaming using OBS,
  • Create your channel in Livebox streaming server.
  • Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu. Under manage channels, select Multi-Bitrate.

Multi-Bitrate streaming

  • In Multi-Bitrate page, select your channel and Turn On multi-bitrate.

channel for multi-bitrate streaming

  • Once you turn on Multi-Bitrate, the new preset options will appear. You can set the required resolution and click Save.

    Note: You also have an option to edit or set your required preset.

preset for multi-bitrate streaming

  • Once you click save, RTMP URL for your resolution gets listed below. Make note of the required RTMP link and give Save.
    Note: With each copied URL of definite qualities, the player will adjust video quality to that of viewers bandwidth.

preset of resolution for multi-bitrate streaming

  • After clicking save, give Service Restart to get your changes applied.

service restart

  • Then go to Livebox Playout software and click Add File to browse video source from your PC and to add video source in your Schedule Playlist.

adding source in playout software

  • Your video source is added. So, now click Play to play your video in Playout Preview.

playing source in playout software

  • You can preview your source and also enable and adjust the audio of your video source.

preview in the playout software

  • Go to Livbox Encoder. Select your playout device in Video Device and Audio Device, and then enter the copied RTMP URL of the required resolution in the URL tab.
  • Click Preview if you want to preview your live stream and then give Start.

streaming using Encoder

  • Now go to Livebox and click Channel Dashboard, select your channel, and click to preview your live stream in Livebox streaming server.                                                                   Livebox encoder
    Note: To view your stream in the player and to check the quality of your streaming source, go to new page in your browser and type, e.g., yourservername.com:3000/?chnl=yourchannelname.

Multi-bitrate resolution

  • Go to Viewers Report to check your RTMP stats or you can even check your streaming statistics by typing, e.g., yourservername.com/stats in the new page of your browser. It shows audio and video bitrate of your channel.

Multi-bitrate stats

You have successfully done your Multi-Bitrate streaming using Livebox Playout and Encoder.

Creating a Playlist with Local Files (Playout)

It is now possible in Livebox Playout to create your own playlist with your local files and stream it to several media destinations.
To create your playlist with your local files,
  • Go to Apps from the navigation menu and click on Playout.

Livebox Playout

  • The Playout window opens, and click the Add File button to add your local files.

add file in playout

  • A dialog box opens, where click on the Choose File button to upload your local files.

file drop box in playout

playlist with local files

  • Your files start to get uploaded. Once the upload is done, it shows a green alert on the left side.

file uploaded in playout

  • The uploaded files can be seen in a Folder below File Explorer.

uploded file

  • Go to the folder to click and drag your added files to the left side and organize your playlist.

playout playlist

playlist added in playout

  • After each file is added under Playlist it states that Playlist Saved.

playlist is saved in playout

  • Your Playlist is now added.

playlist is added

  • Now click the Start Now button and then click on the Refresh Preview to preview your playlist source.

start playlist

  • Your playlist is running successfully.

plalist preview

  • Now to stream your playlist contents to your channel, go to Settings on the top right.

playlist settings

  • A dialog box Settings opens, in which go to RTMP and enter the RTMP streaming URL of your channel in the RTMP Name bar.
  • Then click the Push RTMP button.

plyout rtmp settings

  • Your RTMP URL is pushed.

rtmp url is pushed in playout

  • Now to Livebox Channel Dashboard to preview the live streaming of your playlist contents.

livebox preview

From Livebox streaming server take your playlist contents to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any RTMP server.