Lowest priced IVB7 servers – totally unbeatable

Launching Internet Satellite TV Station

The IVB7 Internet satellite TV station is the fastest possible way for you to become popular all over the internet through live video streaming at unbeatably low pricing.

The fastest way to get famous

Rs. 799 only for MULTIPLE web TV channels


Just a little more additional cost to Transcode to UNLIMITED YouTube,Facebook accounts

Launch your own Internet Satellite TV Station and host HUNDREDs of TV channels at an Amazingly Super LOW Price.

Yes, now, you can stream Multiple TV channels live 24/7 to UNLIMITED online sites starting from Rs.799 / month/

Be simultaneously LIVE on multiple accounts in every Live Streaming platform

The IVB7 Playout and Mixer is included at no additional cost. It would be ridiculous to miss such an offer that is available only with IVB7. Now it is not necessary to spend several thousands or lakhs on playout and mixing hardware or software. It comes along at no additional cost with the Livebox server.


Other features

Free Android HD Encoder App for LiveBox Included!

Works with OBSStudio , WIrecast,XSplit,VMix, Flash Media Live Encoder or ANY software.

Unlimited Bandwidth. No charges for bandwidth.

Fully Interchangeable and Customizable players.

Instantly switch between JWPlayer,Flowplayer, Clappr,Mediaelementjs,Plyr,etc.

Are you a web developer or reseller? REBRAND LiveBox Server in your own brand name. Optional API for integration along with ready made streaming system.

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Best practices to follow for Live video streaming

What type of practices and settings are great for specialist Live video streaming?

Utilize IVB7 video streaming gear , the communication software as well as the Livebox server to get your best experience.

Constantly use standard streaming protocols like RTMP, RTSP, RTP or even WebRTC. Never utilize non-toxic propitiatory protocols since it will have an effect on your streaming caliber, make you hooked and locked into a third party server or supplier and cause you to invest a great deal of cash. So,not settle for non invasive streaming techniques like using an X program to stream audio with an X program or server.

The way to attain the best latency?

Always choose the closest located server for your best and optimal performance. Price Quality and wise wise, nothing surpasses the first Livebox dwell streaming server.

How do I know whether I’m using a propitiatory streaming protocol within my present arrangement?

If one of these players is not able to play your articles without conversion, then you’re stuck using a propitiatory protocol. Get in touch with us and change into Livebox server straight away to ensure our specialists can direct you to utilize industry standards so you can get an optimal streaming encounter.

How should you set up your encoder configurations for various types of internet connections?

For slow info cards or 2g relations:

For quite rapid connections:

When we say quite fast Online connection,we imply a minimum of 100 Mbps steady speed or greater as of 2017

Also keep in mind that using H.265, it is possible to tweak the settings to flow in a higher quality whilst utilizing exactly the identical amount of bandwidth which H.264 utilizes for a specific quality.

For moderate speed relations:

These are the best configurations for links with an average rate between 5 to 10mbps

Employing the best settings can enable you to flow without lag.Not just that, whilst streaming using a number of cameras, this also plays an essential part as you would have to fine tune video in accordance with your net bandwidth so you can push numerous streams inside your bandwidth .

These are only some examples about how you can flow based upon your relationship atmosphere. But for best results, you need to attempt changing these configurations even more based on the rate of the genuine connection because there may be changes in latency based upon the wireless signals as well as the space between you and the server.

Tell us about your installation and sites where you’ve embedded your own video. Contact us if you require assistance so that we may assist you through your live event over telephone. We charge a massive additional sum only for assistance. We provide free telephone, email and remote support.Call our manager for technical support right at +91-9789-9789-55.

Happy Streaming! Stream Smooth,flow high and stream trendy.

If you’re a newcomer to livebox, then make sure you join in https://livebox.co.in and receive onboard to learn more.

How to improve your business as an MSO?

We are the sole product maker who provide the choice to spend and build your own infrastructure instead rather than leasing it out.

Do not have the patience to read and also would like to consult with somebody?

Presently, the MSO business version is completely determined by conventional readers Pay TV version for just TV & Advertisments online stations. We are planning to change this and update you to another level.

Let us look at what has been happening up to now:

The entire world is changing with technologies with new goods .
Year annually the no.
To Boost and boost the company Most MSO are now currently switching to give net to their own subscribers.
The customers expectation has gone twice in couple of years using the world wide web and other apparatus which has arrived at the marketplace.
In a couple of decades to come Purchase TV version to watch just on TV will be the past.
The benefit of using TV for the user is that they can view it on multiple platforms instead only on TV using one payment.

A current TV evaluation by UBS reveals the following:

The Data reveals the Streaming TV is growing and conventional TV viewership is coming down
At a brief time there will be a lot of streaming TVs such as Netflix who will come into the marketplace.
They’ll all provide digital multiple stations to everybody on the planet.
In case you want to develop in the marketplace — then you need to start numerous stations on net, mobile and TV on the net.
Now you’ve got the advantage over the others. Which may not survive
What are you going to do if others take over your marketplace?
Before that could occur, MSO’s should begin TV on the web and supply all stations in most digital media to each every subscriber.

Start by building your own infrastructure to your audiences to observe all TV Stations not only on TV but also in web, android cellphone, i-phone cellphone, notebook, PC and all apparatus such as on automobile — so your customers won’t move out of you and you might also boost your foundation of your customers to all around the world as pay television channel to watch your entire stations all around the world as well as locally.
You need to encourage it in your name. It’s likely to supply a huge number of stations digitally to your clientele and provide them pay TV. You can set up your personal plans for your customers.
Should you supply your stations to other businesses then you’ll wind up in boosting their Over the Web channels & you won’t have the ability to collect cash from the readers and your readers will turn them. That is where we are in,associate with you, help you and assist you.

Just how much it’d cost me to set up the infrastructure?

The comprehensive infrastructure installation including all the essential hardware, multi-channel streaming applications, its backend management of all of the stations, its administrative applications, payment gateway applications, subscriber management applications, and all of the essential streaming server will price the cheapest with the largest features when you construct your infrastructure utilizing IVB7 technology
we would like to assist all MSO to digitize all their channels for streaming. To cause a change for the MSO — We’re currently bringing at a really inexpensive price for your MSO with over 50% reduction on the price.
We also supply it upon a EMI to ease every person to enter it.
Consequently an intial payment will probably suffice for you personally run & start the dwell of all of the stations on the electronic medium.
As it must maintain multi-platform — you may acquire android programs, iphone programs, android net TV box, and applications for the internet, PC & Notebook, software for the linux box TV. So it’s going to be solitary management for many of your stations on TV, android telephone, I-phone, Internet and for all apparatus.

How can I have the stations from the TV box along with all of the applications for stations?

All free Stations that’s already in the internet could be inserted into it via the station adding software supplied — additionally, it may be categorized according to your requirement.
All paid stations that’s offered from the internet streaming may also be inserted with the consent of various stations.
When the station isn’t digitized in the net.

The future of Livebox and Live Streaming

Livebox with much more super powers in 2018 A studio performing live streaming using IVB7 encoding products and also the Livebox server (representative image) This year, there’s a great deal of new items in store for Livebox.

Live video streaming will keep getting better than ever before with Livebox. Oh and incidentally,you can build your new with Livebox. Did you know that you don’t need a separate hosting service when you use Livebox? That is correct, you can run your business straight out of the box with Livebox. Just put in your organization site within it. Roadmap

Here is What’s on the roadmap:

Total support for UDP inputs

The potential of Livebox and Live Streaming

More video apps

Quicker Livebox setups and upgrades

Instant record and replay

Advanced Live encoder to be included with Livebox IPTV enhancements

Ability to use Livebox to conduct Your Company with business empowerment tools preinstalled

New WebRTC features More video relevant instruments and surprises.

Launching IP Camera and CCTV to IPTV converter

Convert your surveillance systems to broadcast systems INSTANTLY!

Signup at https://livebox.co.in

That’s absolutely right. Now, together with all the new Livebox converter, you can instantly turn your old analog cctv or dvr to a broadcasting machine. It’s possible to broadcast online utilizing the Livebox IP converter which only makes your easy surveillance systems to go worldwide on your website if you need to openly display your Surveillance systems.

Image result for surveillance camera pic

Oh waitNot only this!
Your existing DVR, CCTV or IP Camera gets completely UPGRADED when it is linked to Livebox

Whenever your CCTV or IP camera becomes attached to the Livebox on-premise or on-cloud, you have to flow your content before every house hold in your complete area through the Livebox IPTV module, Geo obstructing, transcoding, societal streaming and everything gets enabled out of the box to your existing Surveillance systems. Isn’t that amazing?

Don’t wait. We are running a”discounted” advertising for a very limited time so people can use and supply us their feedback on the system. Call us now on 9789978981.

We enable you to go electronic. What’s the point of having a security system when there’s nobody to observe it. Connect it to Livebox now and let the world view and be aware for your security.

You may immediately share it everywhere to all social media including and not restricted to YouTube,Facebook,Whatsapp,Skype,Periscope,Instagram or some other RTMP / RTSP server.

Livebox also has privacy. We didn’t overlook that. You can put your flow to private and restrict it only to specific ip addresses, websites or even place. If you only want your relative or business manager to monitor it, just restrict it by IP.
Subscribe today!

Sign up at https://livebox.co.in right now! Kickstart your own UPGRADED surveillance system now.

What’s all the hype about this new Livebox?

We asked a number of our present clients and personnel to discuss a few sayings or quotes about Livebox. Here Is What they had to say:

Livebox is an extremely scalable system that provides multiple streaming community of websites. LiveBox using a plethora of facilities for a variety of companies & its compatibility with latest applications & hardwareaccessible worldwide makes it a blessing to users to use it straight as they enjoy in their companies.

The Live Box Streaming Server has shown its efficacy in providing top excellent streaming at dangerously lower bandwidths using its extraordinary streaming applications, invincible community infrastructure and its own built-in advanced Flash-Free Trans-coding player.

It includes variety of strategies to suit to everybody’s pocket.

Have you got an expression to share concerning the IVB7 Livebox or alternative goods ? E-mail us to enquiry@cdtech.in or telephone +91-9789-9789-81 to receive your voucher regarding IVB7 to be featured on our website .

Constantly keep seeing http://ivb7.com and http://ivb7.com/blog and remain updated with the newest technology associated with broadcast and live video streaming.

Joyful live transmission people!

Enhance your on-premise Surveillance and Security systems with the new Livebox Private Cloud

Secure your assumptions with Surveillance camera on your personal cloud. Live stream to fasten yourself.

Relying on your in-house IP Cameras and DVR isn’t a safe alternative. Most episodes of theft as reported by current information contains the theft of their Security Systems too.

How can you protect yourself if your DVR and CCTV goes lost during an event of security violation inside your assumptions?


Do not rely upon your own in-house DVR and CCTV equipments
LIVE STREAM all of your info on cloud storage that is reliable. Livebox functions nicely with Amazon AWS,Azure, Google Cloud or some other platform.
Don’t rely on the regional online connection installation where configurations technicians and change are tough to find to correct problems in your own router / modem.

Access your IP Camera / CCTV / DVR surveillance programs connected to Livebox on the Livebox cloud.

Get Livebox to address your surveillance and on site safety problems. Send your live flow to your personal cloud to keep recorded live press on your cloud. Livebox works nicely with your present equipments from known vendors like panasonic, Hikvision, Dahua, CP Plus or some other manufacturer DVR, CCTV or IP cameras.

Get in touch with us now to get a expert safety appointment at +91-9789-9789-81.

Technical support offered at +91-9789-9789-81