How to improve your business as an MSO

We want to partner with you and help you improve your business. We provide a 360 degree solution based on one platform hosted on-premise or on-cloud for the customer. We are the ONLY product manufacturer who offer the option to invest and build your own infrastructure as an option instead of renting it out.

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Let’s have a look at how the business model for MSO’s are changing. As times change, technology changes and as technology changes, we need to adapt our business according to the latest requirements from consumers.

  • Currently, the MSO business model is fully dependent on traditional  subscribers  Pay TV model for only TV & Advertisments on channels. We’re going to change that and upgrade you to the next level.

Let’s look at what’s been happening so far :

  • The Whole world is changing with technology with new products.
  • Year by year the no. of subscribers are coming down and advertisment rates are also comming down.
  • To compensate and increase the business Most  MSO are also now  switching to provide internet to their subscribers.
  • The consumers expectation has gone double in few years with the internet and other devices that has come to the market.
  • In a few years to come Pay TV model to watch only on TV is going to be the past.
  • Today by going on world records Streaming TV is becoming more popular – Netflix, youtube TV , HBO and other installable TV apps and set top boxes.
  • The advantage of Streaming TV for the consumer is they can watch it  on multiple platforms rather only on TV with a single payment.
  • The consumer can watch all the channels on TV, with internet set top box , and directly on android, I-phone mobile, Tabs, Website,  PC , Laptops and on  any device that have the facility to  browse the internet.
  • The Data shows the Streaming TV is increasing and traditional TV viewership is coming down
  • In a short time there are going to be plenty of streaming TVs like Netflix that are going to come in to the market.
  • They will all deliver digital multiple channels to everyone in world.
  • If you would like to come up in the market – then you should start multiple channels on web, mobile and TV over the internet.
  • Now you have the advantage over others. that may not last
  • What will you do when others take over your market?
  • In india, Sun next,  youtube TV , airtel TV, tatasky TV etc. all are going to have the major market share that includes direct subscriber clients unless MSO’s act fast and upgrade their technology.
  • Before that could happen, MSO’s should start TV over the internet and provide all channels in all digital media to all every subscriber.
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Self Streaming RTMP in-built into the Livebox Streaming Server

Yet another revolutionary live streaming innovation with server based automatic live streaming.

Hands-free live video straming is the way to go

When you use the Livebox Live Streaming server wth GPU, you don’t need a seperate PC to be turned on to do the Live Video Streaming. The Livebox CDN server will be your one stop automated assistant to take care of your complete Live Streaming workflow with it’s built-in OBS Studio, VLC player,Skype and more to come

Hands-free live video streaming is the future of live video streaming. Imagine if you didn’t have to turn on your PC,laptop or a dedicated hardware encoder to tun your Live Streams. The day has come when that has come true. Today, Livebox takes care of streaming your live content by itself.

What if you don’t have video content for your live channel?

Live Streaming without content is made easy.

It’s easy to pick content from YouTube or several hundreds of other sites directly within LIvebox and re-stream existing vod through the Livebox live streaming server using the playlist. Make sure that you get the respective content owner’s permission before you do this. However, you may end up benefiting a lot of content owners through your use of Livebox when you support them by promoting their content on your channel.

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Best Practices to follow for Live Video Streaming

What kind of settings and practices are good for professional Live video streaming?

Use IVB7 video streaming equipment, the encoding software and the Livebox server for the best experience.

Let’s talk about some of the best practices that you should generally follow when you stream live over the internet

Always use standard streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTSP, RTP or WebRTC. Never use non-standard propitiatory protocols as it will affect your streaming quality, make you dependent and locked to a third-party server or provider and make you spend a lot of money. So,never settle for non-standard streaming methods such as using an X protocol to stream video using an X software or server.

How to achieve the best latency?

Always select the nearest located server for the best and optimum performance. Ask for the original Livebox low latency streaming CDN servers. Price wise and Quality wise, nothing beats the original Livebox live streaming server.

How do I know if I am using a propitiatory streaming protocol in my current setup?

Check if your live video can be directly played by multiple video players and web players from VLC,Windows media player to Jwplayer and clappr. If one of those players is unable to play your content without conversion, you are stuck with a propitiatory protocol. Call us and switch to Livebox server right away so that our experts can guide you to use industry standards so that you can have an optimum streaming experience.

How should you setup your encoder settings for different kinds of internet connections?

For slow data cards or 2g connections:

  1. Use a H.265 encoder preferably or H.264 if that’s unavailable
  2. Use a bitrate between 350 to 500k
  3. Use a resolution of 720×480
  4. Frame rate of 15 fps
  5. Turn de-interlacing on

For very fast connections:

When we say very fast internet connection,we mean a minimum of 100 Mbps constant speed or higher as of 2017

  1. H.264 / H.265 encoder
  2. 1500 kbps bitrate
  3. Resolution of a minimum of 1920×1080 or higher
  4. 30 to 60 fps
  5. De-interlacing on for better picture quality although the difference will be minor

Also remember that with H.265, you can tweak the settings to stream at a much higher quality while using the same amount of bandwidth that H.264 uses for a particular quality.

For medium speed connections:

These would be the best settings for connections with an average speed between 5 to 10mbps

  1. H.264 / H.265 encoder
  2. 800 kpbs
  3. Resolutions of a minimum of 720p
  4. 30 fps
  5. De-interlacing turned on.

These are just some examples on how you can stream depending on your connection environment. However, for best results, you should try varying these settings even more depending on the speed of the actual connection since there can be fluctuations in latency depending on the wireless signals and the distance between you and the server. If you would like to dig in a little bit more about how you can setup transcoding settings on LIvebox to distribute to Youtube,Facebook or Periscope, have a look at google’s recommendations for youtube streaming here

Do you run your live streaming using the Livebox low latency high performance streaming server? Let us know about your setup. Call us if you need help so that we can help you during your live event over phone. We never charge a huge extra sum just for support. We offer free phone, email and even remote support.Call our director for technical support directly at +91-9789-9789-55.

Happy Streaming! Stream Smooth,stream high and stream cool.

24×7 live TV on the best Live Streaming Server

Livebox is the most low cost Live Streaming Media Server with built-in IPTV management, Video encoding and advanced transcoding. See now.

Apart from that, Playout software and mixing software for windows is pre-included as standard with every server. Plus, Android apps are also available for every livebox professional at the play store. Livebox server module can also be whitelabeled.

Wireless Video Transmission over long Distance

The IVB7 video receiver is the only equipment that is meant purely for remote video receiving. It comes with an in-built speedtest and instant monitoring. You can monitor accurately whether the video is playing on the remote receiver or not plus you can control the remote receiver directly through the IVB7’s Livebox live video server.

The remote receiver is compatible with any streaming server however the remote monitoring feature is available exclusively through the Livebox live streaming server.

The IVB7 Internet video transmitter and receiver are a one of a kind equipment duo that allow you to broadcast high quality video feeds over the internet and receive them using the IVB7 remote video receiver at any location.

The IVB7 internet video transmitter is a rock solid reliable video encoder that can transmit video over the internet through long distances.

Why should you use the IVB7 internet video transmitter over other wireless video transmitting and receiving equipments?

Only the IVB7 internet video transmitter and receiver allow you to receive videos over very long distances through the internet at an extremely low cost. Try transmitting video over wifi or other wireless means and your costs will be extremely high with those equipments. However with the IVB7 video receiver, you can hook it up with any live rtmp or standard protocol compliant video transmission channel.

Using a combination of the IVB7 video transmitter,Livebox multi protocol based live video server and the IVB7 receiver, you can receive video seamlessly in any location.

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IVB7 Medical equipment integration and engineering for Doctors

Several doctors currently use the IVB7 suite of products in their day to day surgery webcasts and video surveillance integrations. Contact us to know how hospitals, clinics and renknowned doctors use the existing Ivb7 Productsin their work flow.

Have a look at the following diagram to see how do we engineer and design our circuit boards and products.

With a proven track record of engineering and designing remote streaming and broadcasting equipments, we can help you architect, plan and engineer our products with your existing medical instruments present in your lab or hospital.

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Best livestreaming server with IPTV and Set Top Box


The Best Live Streaming Server now supports running your own TV hub to distribute your live channels.

Did you know that you can manage IPTV with the all new IVB7’s Livebox server?

Compatible receiver devices with the Livebox server :

  1. IVB7 Receiver unit – for long distance Transmission / Receiving
  2. IVB7 Set top box – (Linux / Android) – For digital TV subscribers

The receiver

The receiver unit is for Cable TV operators to transmit and receive video remotely over long distances. It flawlessly enables you to transcode and distribute video over long distances in-combination with Livebox live streaming server.

The IVB7 receiver unit does not need port forwarding or any configuration on your router. It’s as simple as a plug and play instant receiver with monitoring capabilities.

The Set Top Box


The Livebox OTT/IPTV Set Top Box comes with the inbuilt IR remote and the remote controlling mobile app. It can be fully white labeled. It automatically updates channels based on subscriber info dynamically received from your Livebox Satellite Server.  You can also enable all your subscribers to pay instantly online to renew their subscription through the integrated payment gateway, manage or cancel their subscriptions. Devices can be completely controlled or blocked through the IPTV admin interface built into the Livebox live streaming server.


Long distance transmission with Livebox:

What if you want to transmit live over long distances without a server? Does IVB7 have a solution for that?

Absolutely! Use Livebox with the IVB7 encoder, place it anywhere like on-cloud or on-premise. For the on-premise Livebox, all you need to do is enable port forwarding or DMZ on your router and you’re done to be able to access and distribute content through your own hub anywhere. We will provide you support and help you get started after purchase.

It’s a Fully white labelable live streaming server solution with in-built IPTV server

With the IVB7 Livebox Server, you can not only stream but it provides you ready-made features to sell or resell a whitelabeled solution to your clients. Not only that, you will also be able be your own Cable TV provider. No other server provides features such as on the fly encoding and transcoding like the Livebox live video streaming server along with the ability to distribute transcoded content to IPTV subscribers.

Dedicated Streaming Server with IPTV and subscription management

With your own dedicated live streaming server, you can not only stream to various destinations such as YouTube,Facebook, Periscope and hundreds of other RTMP providers, you can also provide subscription services to your clients for watching your live TV channels.


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