Disadvantages of using a shared CDN provider

Disadvantages of a Shared CDN Provider

The truth about shared streaming CDN now revealed. Here are the top reasons why IVB7 let’s you own your CDN infrastructure.

You may have heard wonderful things about transmitting websites and media content via a content delivery network (CDN), things like performance, scalability, reliability, and lower costs.  You may have heard that is the best way to transmit your content without annoying delays as you strive to reach an audience that is far away. What you may not have heard about, however, is the likelihood that you would be transmitting your content through a server that is populated by a multitude of other users.  A CDN provider that also manages the content delivery of other users runs the same server you’d be using. This presents some problems for your own content delivery, which would limit your presence on the Internet. Let’s look at some reasons why!

Security Risks for Your Data:  One problem you will likely encounter when using a shared content delivery network provider to fulfill your content delivery needs is the potential for increased security threats for your content data.  When you stream your content through a CDN provider, you are transmitting that content through a network of servers being used by other people for the same purpose. You cannot be certain that those users will unknowingly or maliciously transmit a virus or spyware through that network.  Additionally, if you are transmitting confidential client information it could be unsuspectingly released into the hands of people with harmful intentions. Purchasing a live streaming server supported by a technical team of experts greatly diminishes these risks. Protect the integrity of your streamed content!

Network Problems Caused by Others:  Another downside of using a shard CDN provider is that network problems could be caused by other users’ activities, even when your content is transmitted efficiently.  These problems could adversely affect the integrity of your own content and slow down your transmission speeds. Think of it in this way: You are driving on the highway to work, sticking to the speed limit.  Along comes a reckless driver who eventually causes a major accident a mile down the road. You are now stuck in a major traffic jam because of the irresponsible driving of another party and will likely be late for work.  Even if you have all your ducks in a row when live streaming your content, you could still experience transmission delays, which is not good for your business. Don’t let your live streaming goals suffer at the hands of other users!

Competition Impacts Content Delivery Speeds: Even when the network is running optimally and all users are transmitting data appropriately, the delivery speeds of your live streams could be impacted by the sheer fact that there are other people competing for space on the network.  All networks have a limited amount of space, and it stands to reason that the more users present to take up that space the more likely you are to face slower live streaming speeds. The only way this problem can be fixed is to limit the number of users on any given network of servers.   There’s nothing like living large and in charge… of your content live streams!

Cannot Customize Server:  If you have certain server specification requirements for successful live streaming of your data, it could be a great challenge to meet those needs on a shared CDN.  Moreover, data usage by other users on the same network would eat up the data space you would need to successfully stream your content. If you have specific server requirements to successfully launch your live stream, your best bet is to purchase your own live streaming server that meets your requirements.  On a shared CDN server customizability is just not possible. Get what you want on your terms!

Reduced Site Visibility:  According to opusinteractive.com, running a website through a shared server means you have to share an IP address with other users, and your visibility could be negatively impacted if another user’s website transmits malicious or suspicious content.  Lower visibility ratings means fewer web users will be able to access your content. A shared IP address could also harm the integrity of private information transmitted from your website or streaming content. Don’t let your website traffic drop because of present company on the shared server!

Ivb7.com is here to help you meet your live streaming needs by providing you with an effective custom live streaming server solution, most notably our LIVEBOX.  Our live streaming equipment and services are backed by a team of knowledgeable, skilled experts who are ready to help you in every step of the way in getting your streaming content to go live on your terms.  We’ll even provide you with you very own streaming server. You’ll never have to worry about sharing space on a CDN provider’s server again!

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The most reliable way to stream and store surveillance on the cloud

Let us literally prove why Livebox is the only available high quality cloud based box to distribute your surveillance systems.

Did you know that Livebox has been awarded as the most value for money product for 24×7 live multi-channel surveillance transcoding and streaming?

livebox surveillance streaming

Although IVB7 has been developing several live streaming hardware and software products since 2010, Livebox has been the most record breaking innovation in terms of pricing and features.

In not just one or two but several cases,people have  come to us for streaming their surveillance systems seamlessly at affordable costs after searching and trying out several different services by wasting their time and money in vain.

Livebox is the answer

If you are new to Livebox,just follow the following points as we walkthrough some of the really effective facts of using Livebox within your cctv,ip camera,dvr and nvr infrastructure.


We have heard a lot of people ask us this question on why they should use Livebox within their cctc dvr and surveillance streaming workflow.


As we answer that,let’s talk about the live streaming challenges faced with a standard surveillance system to answer that question.

Without Livebox,what you cannot do on your surveillance systems

  1. A cctv,ip camera,nvr or dvr cannot be published on to a web page directly.
  2. It cannot be directly live streamed to facebook,youtube or other social media destinations.
  3. It needs a static ip or ddns to be able to connect in externally to view the system.
  4. Your broadband service provider can change the settings of the broadband router at anytime or during maintenance. Router settings are a headache.


Here’s the difference when using Livebox and the Plug and Play Livebox transcoder

The MASSIVE difference with Livebox

  1. No additional router settings
  2. View live streams from various equipment vendors directly in one screen
  3. All your locations can be easily transcoded to any format
  4. Different streams can be re-streamed to different destinations such as YouTube,Facebook and other social destinations
  5. And most importantly, the costs are significantly lower when you use Livebox as your cloud streaming solution

This is the right time for you to introduce Livebox to really maximize and effectively use your surveillance system.

People setup CCTV,DVRs,NVRs and IP Cameras but don’t use them in many cases just because they  “fail” to work as per the promises of various vendors due to changes in network configurations,hard disk failures and hard to use apps

Use Livebox and keep your live surveillance system always backed up on the cloud at a ridiculously low cost while also having the live stream being displayed seamlessly in one screen from various locations after being optionally transcoded or distributed to multiple platforms.

Get the most reliable Surveillance system streamer. Get Livebox. Call us today at +919789978981 and signup at livebox.co.in

Live video playout software to re-stream YouTube videos

Livebox is the ONLY live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout software.

There are two options for playout with Livebox

  1. Playout using the playlist and queues function within Livebox. This can be just used on-cloud within your dedicated Livebox without the need for any additional software. This can also import and re-stream both live and plain YouTube videos.
  2. The freely included professional playout software which can be downloaded from within Livebox.

In this blog post,we’re going to mainly focus on the downloadable Playout software for Windows.Playout 1

The IVB7 live playout is included with every Livebox server. To use your Live playout, just go into the settings of the Livebox server and generate your own unique license PIN number so that you can use the Playout software without restrictions to stream live when used with the livebox encoder.

Live video playout software download with license pin


Once you generate the PIN, ie the license key for your Playout and Video mixer, you can download the software from within Livebox and activate it using the generated PIN. Remember tokeep the license code very confidential since it is only licensed per Livebox administrator

The Livebox Playout software even to simply output content into any LED TV or Monitor.

YouTube video import and re-streaming by just copy/pasting the link

Ingest YouTube content into Livebox

Paste the link inside the Playout software

Playout 4


The IVB7 Playout software  can seamlessly import videos from YouTube. The only condition is that they should not be monetized. Monetized videos cannot be directly imported into the live playout however they can be directly re-streamed from within Livebox itself using the in-built queues.

With the IVB7 Live playout, you can add unlimited files, streams or Advertisement breaks. The in-built CG editor makes it extremely easy to add your own Lower thirds, scrolling effects or titles.

Import any stock footage or lower thirds from any site that sells stock footages. It is possible to also import richly designed graphics rendered from Adobe After effects or the Adobe Premiere Pro to use within the CG editor.

The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the features of the live playout software that is bundled along with the Livebox server. The playout software is alone worth over 1500 USD when purchased seperately however it is included at no additional cost within Livebox streaming server panel, the live backpack hardware and the livebox appliance.

All media streamed through the Livebox streaming server is the user’s responsibility. So, if you are using content from YouTube,make sure that it is your own content or you get the appropriate rights to stream the content.

Refer Livebox to friends and people you know so that they can also be benefitted by this affordable product that costs less but is rich in features. If you have never used Livebox or any of the hardware equipment manufactured by IVB7 before, just signup now at livebox.co.in to experience it.

Experience the All-New Livebox Client Portal

Greetings Livebox Users! Get ready for two-fold profits.

Livebox live streaming server has been a money saving boon to its users nearly for decades. Now it has taken one more step in its milestone where Livebox not only helps in saving money but also in making money.

Did you know? Unlike traditional live streaming services, you don’t need to have additional recurring costs to make money with Livebox. All you need is one Livebox server, and you can sell streaming services to several clients using the same server. That’s why Livebox is your very own infrastructure.

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal 1

Introducing you,

The Client portal with groundbreaking Reseller features

Taking our customers benefits in concern we have developed a new extension to create sub-users of your need. You can either reduce your workload by creating sub-users to eye on alternative streaming activities or in your absence.

Wondering for the possibility of money making from the above mentioned?? Yes, you can use this same feature by giving client portal access for rent or cashback. There are several small-scale streamers present to whom you can lend this access and still be benefitted in either way. You can even start up your professional streaming set-up by creating a set of sub-users to organize your events. It doesn’t stop just with this, it is much more!

Did you know? New features are being added to Livebox all the time so that you can make more money, your customers will be extremely happy and you will feel the satisfaction of selling the most competitive product in the market!

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal

Things you can do with this feature,

  • You can create another Livebox user (admin) and share your powers and responsibility with your new admin.
  • The admin assigns the role to their users. They can be Livebox users or just client portal user.
  • If you feel like only giving control and not powers, then you can create a client portal user (sub-users) and give them the channel control.
  • Allot channel destinations for your sub-users to subject their streaming to various media platforms.

Now, it just takes less than 30 seconds to automate any social media Channel.

Breathe life into your existing social media Channels.There is only one tool that can help you convert your existing YouTube content back to live and that is the Livebox Playlist.

Livebox Playlist is a new technology that lets you broadcast your existing social media videos as live on the fly.

You don’t need to have files, storage or store content on your PC anymore. All you need is the cloud Playout that is built into Livebox.

Several small and medium sized companies ranging from web development shops to professional broadcasters have started using the automation tools available within Livebox to provide services to their clients.

With the Livebox Cloud Playout, it is possible to upload files and automate any live channel.

Live Streaming Automation with just one click

Sports, Gaming and Technology communities have already picked up with the new playlist feature and we see several automated channels today

A live playlist streaming to several social media channels targeting native language speaking communities in India.

Despite the existence of several Windows and Mac based playout automation systems, the livebox playlist is the best fit for true automation since it does not require any physical computer , hard disks for storage of video files , professional camera or an encoder. The Automation happens instantly by simply creating a playlist and pasting a couple of urls.

Did you know? According to the latest statistics,90% of the professional broadcasters end up losing 80% of their time in learning and utilizing complex video tools instead of utilizing automated cloud based playlists.

If you are not using automation for your channel or if you are currently using a complex workflow to automate your live stream, it is time to switch to Livebox, the all in one cloud based streaming and streaming automation platform. We truly believe that there is no other solution that comes close in terms of price and features.

Livebox Playlist and the Cloud Playout takes the channel automation to another level by not requiring the user to even spend time on automating the task. The time spent in automating a channel is significantly lesser compared to any technology that has ever existed in the market until now.

If this technology is so advanced and available at extremely low prices, why isn’t Livebox being utilized by everyone instead of a combination of multiple products that are complicated to use? Our friends have shared this question with us and we believe that it’s simply because we have not been fully known by everyone in the outside world yet. Let’s shout it louder and let people know about this solution. Support us and your fellow broadcasters by letting them know about the existence Livebox and we will have a surprise gift for you. Contact your local Livebox dealer / distributor to know more.

Brand New Corporate Conferencing and Communication Tools Within Livebox

Video Conferencing Made Easy With Livebox Streaming Server!

Schedule and conduct webinars and video conferences using the Livebox live streaming server. Your business needs a brand to communicate with people involved like customers and employees. Livebox helps you communicate effectively without compromising on the status of your brand.

Livebox now comes with the ability to do real-time live conferencing and even includes a digital whiteboard. When you combine the Livebox along with the IVB7 LP8 equipment, it becomes an even more powerful solution since it gives you the ability to draw and present with a touchscreen plus stylus using the ultra-portable backpack.

Video Conferencing Feature

With this leading-edge Video Conferencing tool that is present inside Livebox, you can make your company’s communication and connectivity top notch. It is simplistic for anyone from anywhere to get connected using their corporate identity virtually regardless of location.

It is made possible by Livebox to have a streaming server that enables video conferencing between two or more geographic locations. You don’t have to necessarily miss any of your important business meetings, discussions or events. With this feature in the hand, you can join the Video conference from your laptop, smartphone, tab or any other mobile devices irrespective of the location from where you’re broadcasting from.

Here are some of the practical use-cases for the video conferencing feature within Livebox,

video conferencing

  • Conducting Video calls with your global team or colleagues.
  • Utilize it within industries like education, medicine, finance, military, churches, business meetings, staff training, online interviews, and e-learning.
  • News conversations and debates.

Some of the other additional features within the Livebox conferencing system,

  • Share YouTube videos with your conferencing peers.
  • Use the in-built whiteboard to make rich and visual presentations.
  • A hand-raise feature for members to ask questions.
  • A video conferencing chat for members to converse between themselves to discuss meetings notes.

video conferencing

The conferencing feature inside Livebox makes it very practical for corporates to stay in touch with the business activities and be in touch with their colleagues from anywhere. And it doesn’t stop with just video conferencing, you can also stream live your conference over to various social media outlets starting from your website to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s time to get practical about building your brand. Signup at livebox.co.in

We recommend our clients to conduct regular meetings and conferences, store a video archive of their conferences on YouTube and share their events on a regular basis over social media to maintain their brand. Call us now at +91-9789-9789-81 and we can guide you on how you can effectively build a brand in every angle using Livebox.

Live video marketing & 360 degree video experiences

Live video marketing is the newest form of sales and marketing through live streaming. Add FutureStream (a 360 degree encoding and streaming initiative by IVB7) and you boost your abilities to reach a massive audience through multiple social media accounts. Live video streaming is the future of online marketing.

How can you use Live video streaming for marketing?

  1. Generate channels to generate revenue
  2. Start your own Live station and host people’s channels.
  3. Enable your customers to generate revenue using LiveBox
  4. Split second latency streaming – available only with LiveBox
  5. Build your own Live Streaming applications using the LiveBox API

Introducing FutureStream, a live streaming media innovation from IVB7

In this changing world of streaming media and audience requirements, LiveBox brings the latest technology FutureStream. With FutureStream, users can experience live and immersive 360 degree video experiences.
FutureStream also incorporates live elements and components in which your viewers can interact using emojis, Q & A’s,voting and more.
Also, when users require instant realt-time streams, FutureStream helps to deliver the content with split second delay ultra low latency streaming.

Scale massively using the LiveBox self healing infrastructure. It delivers high performance and scales automatically as you expand. The self healing capability of our servers help in recovering fast even before potential problems can start on the server. Our services are built on AWS and Axure to provide the self healing infrastructure through distribution of POPs and Nodes across the globe.

Get the LiveBox development SDK to learn more about how you can integrate and develop using LiveBox server.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies such as Websockets and synced delivery,the end to end latency is drastically reduced providing a consistant experience across all platforms.

For more info, contact +919789978981 on how you can integrate LiveBox into your media workflow
LiveBox is one of a kind that helps you get started with any

Livebox is the best live media solution available today that helps in streamlining any content creation and distribution workflow. By using livebox within your business, organization, channel, studio or TV station, you can straight away reduce your existing costs by over 50% because of the competitive pricing of the service and the ability to deploy instant solutions for your clients with the most minimal learning curve. Livebox is built for high performance and requires no performance tuning. Livebox has in-built security features that can be simply turned on for different scenarios.