Build your own CDN using Livebox

Building your own CDN using LiveBox servers

We would like to introduce to you our pristine innovation, the Livebox streaming server CDN network through which you can transfer Video and Audio streamed live over to a server connected to premium Gbps network. Several of our clients are using Livebox to build their own CDN networks.Livebox is a unique streaming server box which can be instantly deployed anywhere is specially built and pre-hosted on a  ultra high speed network for professional broadcasters.
The most outstanding utility of this predominant Streaming server is it comes with instantly scalable hardware and steadfast network. So apart from fulfilling live broadcast requirements, LiveBox is also convenient for business applications such as an online whiteboard, video conferencing, etc.


A peerless distribution hub
Nowadays social media has become a dominant part of the business promotion and increasing productivity. We would like to inform you that this excellent Video streaming server is also a potent distribution hub. With just a few clicks it allows you to disseminate your live content over various powerful social media connections like Facebook, Youtube and hundreds of other live streaming providers. With Livebox, you can setup your own CDN using the in-built Origin-Edge setup.

See the following video to get a clear picture of how to setup your own Origin-Edge CDN network that spans across the world using Livebox :

Following are the things that you can do using your own CDN to be a quality cloud service provider to your customers.

Streaming over RTMP
RTMP or Real-Time Messaging Protocol was developed for streaming video, audio, and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server. So through this excellent low-latency communication RTMP streaming server, you can stream different content such as
⦁ Live Stream Publishing
⦁ H.264 with AAC and MP3 streaming to stream content to the web
⦁ On the fly live recording of FLV and transcoded MP4

Streaming over RTSP
Livebox also supports streaming over H.265 with AAC and MP3 for high quality streaming at low bandwidth.
H.265 uses 50% lesser bandwidth than H.264 and hence is very efficient when you want to transmit high quality video at low bandwidth or high latency over long distances.
RTSP is also useful to integrate with existing Surveillance systems such as IP Cameras, CCTV, DVR or NVR’s.

HLS streaming server
HLS is also known as HTTP Live streaming which is a HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol. It breaks the overall stream into an array of petite HTTP-based file downloads. One short chunk of the conceivably unbounded transport stream can be loaded by each of these HTTP-based file downloads.

Distinctive features of Livebox streaming server

Launch your online TV station

Do you want to reach millions of people at the minimal cost? Then this sublime Streaming server will be a one-stop solution for you. You can launch multiple exclusive TV channels over the web which will be owned by you. And with the help of brilliant tools and technologies of this excellent streaming server, you can manage it quite easily.
Stream your TV channel into multiple destinations
We are standing in an era of advanced technology where several different streaming servers are available among which LiveBox is the best. It will stream on your behalf to multiple destinations like Facebook, YouTube etc. It can stream almost any kind of device like Mobile, PC, Roku and so on.
With the help of LiveBox streaming server, you can manage your channel or categories on your own because of its integrated IPTV module. It will help you to integrate with Android and Linux boxes also. If you want you can have a Multi-CDN setup. To get detailed information about Livebox, visit now.

Schedule your TV channel effortlessly

LiveBox online cloud hosting server empowers you to schedule your TV channels using IVB7 Studio. IVB7 is excellent software which does everything from streaming to playout and even mixing.
If you want to schedule or automate your channel completely, playout will be the ultimate solution for you. It comes with a built-in CG and plenty of outstanding features which can not only schedule your TV channel but let it run also. You just have to make a simple call to get a free demo.

Remote live receiver device

If you buy a LiveBox server as an appliance or CDN, you’ll get a free playout software, video mixing software and Android apps along with it. This Video Streaming server also incorporates the ability to monitor  all your live receiver devices in one place. A live receiver device is a remotely controllable player through which you can catch the live stream at any location. You can remotely check the status and the speed of the internet on the device with the help of this preeminent live receiver device. So to enjoy these amazing facilities you can go for this striking live receiver device.
An in-built Auto reconnection mechanism is also incorporated. Along with that if you want, you can connect it with multiple LiveBoxes because it provides Multi-CDN switching facility.
This live receiver is distinguished mainly by two types
⦁ The first one is IPTV receiver
⦁ And the second one is remote IP receiver
You’ll get the full information on

Management and Support
LiveBox is available for you from 6 am to 12 am IST all days throughout the year. You’ll get exceptional live webcasting and predominant video streaming server support through phone, email and remote desktop. So if you face any issue you’ll get comprehensive assistance from competent professionals in identifying and preventing them. If you survey the market you can see that quality premium support costs very high. But LiveBox has already been established as a brand because of its excellent support at almost no additional cost. In short, take your business to the next level with the help of LiveBox streaming server.

Live video streaming for churches

Church Streaming  and the digital age of global digital churches! Rise up Pastors and leaders. It’s time to reach the masses online.

There’s a world audience out there but are you or your pastor ready to step it up and take your church to the next level? Time to turn things around.

Have you started streaming video for your church? If you have not done it yet, you should start it right now.For very small churches and starters,with just a camcorder and a computer, you could produce a podcast that will represent your ministry, thereby attracting a regular viewing audience. When you provide a smooth streaming service, you will have a lot of people viewing your service and your reach can go global through distributing your live content via multiple social networks using Livebox as a hub.

Imagine if you could reach a world audience through Live Streaming.

Most people always check out the online campus before visiting a church, but with the availability of the live streaming, everyone wants in. Some years ago, live streaming was never in the mind of most churches except they have attendance in thousands. Nowadays, streaming is so much popular that even the smallest church wants to stream.

One of the main benefits of using live video streaming using IVB7’s professional broadcast equipments is that people always check out the status of your online campus before visiting your church. Live streaming is an incredible tool that is used to reach out to new people and to connect with your attendees who do travel for business and so many others. With this, creating a better live video stream is somehow harder than it looks.

This article will serve as a guide for pastors who are interested in live streaming and to know the investment it requires. Before thinking about starting a live stream, here are few things you need to know. Are you thinking about getting a camera and a laptop to make it happen? This is one thing that quickly comes to most people’s’ mind but to say the fact – it’s more than that.

At least, performing live streaming requires a dedicated computer, a camera, an analog-to-digital converter which can be one of IVB7’s premium AV or HDMI webcaster models, as well as a live streaming server like Livebox. And lastly, you will need a technician who can put all these together to make it work. You have the IVB7’s rock solid team to back you up for that.

Firstly, one thing that will make this work right and well is to get a newer and faster computer dedicated explicitly for the streaming operation. The laptop should have up to 8 gigabytes of RAM with a solid-state hard drive. This is because a solid-state hard drive processes data faster than the standard hard drives with spinning disks. In case your church is running presentation software or any other computer-based operation during your service – they can do this on a separate computer. This is done to make someone checking out your services for the first time online to have a smooth experience.

Secondly, it is compulsory to have an excellent analog-to-digital audio/video converter. Though it may look tiny, it plays a vital role in the viewing experience. Buying the cheapest one in the market is not the best thing to do as it may not serve you well. Also, having a good and quality camera is very important as it will send a better image to your monitor. With a lousy camera, the streamed image will look blurred. Lighting is also perfect for the video – this is an art and science. The light should be done depending on how it looks on the monitor and not to the naked eye.

The budget

To get a good starter camera, you should spend around three to four thousand dollars. You are not expected to find this type of camera at your neighborhood electronics store. If you will like to show your sermon notes on the stream or you will like to use multiple cameras, then you will need a video switcher and the IVB7 Mixing software along with the IVB7’s capturing equipments can help you with that. To get a good video switcher, you will spend around two thousand dollars with up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, with Livebox, you save over 50% by using the Live mixer in combination with the IVB7 equipments. One last thing is that you will need a streaming provider. There are a lot of available options to confuse you but look no further than the IVB7 Livebox server which is extremely advanced in features and costs less. We are glad that you found us amidst the marketing chaos from different brands who don’t provide half of what we provide and charge five times the price.

With IVB7, support is yours. We do not charge additionally for general technical support. We are available to connect directly to your PC, offer email assistance or even help you over phone. Count on us for your live streaming event.


After getting all the hardware needed for your streaming processes, make sure you have a technician who will be ready to put this stuff together to make them work or you can do it by yourself since we are available within reach at a phone call or email for assistance. You may not have a smooth streaming service if you don’t have the right person to arrange your hardware. You can hire someone to set it up for your church and we can help you train your team.


The next thing to focus on is your internet service after getting the right hardware and technician in place. Firstly, you will need to get a dedicated line for your streaming signal and secondly, make sure that your upload speed is around 4 MB per second. The problem most churches face is slow network because so many people will be using their system during service and that slows down their speed extensively – this is the reason why you must get a dedicated line for your streaming. You will have a steady rate with just one signal and one user on the line.

When using internet for just church applications, you can focus on the download speed, but when using the internet for streaming purpose, you will have to focus on the upload speed which must not be less than 4 MB per second.

With a high quality stream, you will be able to boost attendance, connect with people who are not able to attend the service and also allow your church to be available to people anywhere in the world.

The most reliable way to stream and store surveillance on the cloud

Let us literally prove why Livebox is the only available high quality cloud based box to distribute your surveillance systems.

Did you know that Livebox has been awarded as the most value for money product for 24×7 live multi-channel surveillance transcoding and streaming?

livebox surveillance streaming

Although IVB7 has been developing several live streaming hardware and software products since 2010, Livebox has been the most record breaking innovation in terms of pricing and features.

In not just one or two but several cases,people have  come to us for streaming their surveillance systems seamlessly at affordable costs after searching and trying out several different services by wasting their time and money in vain.

Livebox is the answer

If you are new to Livebox,just follow the following points as we walkthrough some of the really effective facts of using Livebox within your cctv,ip camera,dvr and nvr infrastructure.


We have heard a lot of people ask us this question on why they should use Livebox within their cctc dvr and surveillance streaming workflow.


As we answer that,let’s talk about the live streaming challenges faced with a standard surveillance system to answer that question.

Without Livebox,what you cannot do on your surveillance systems

  1. A cctv,ip camera,nvr or dvr cannot be published on to a web page directly.
  2. It cannot be directly live streamed to facebook,youtube or other social media destinations.
  3. It needs a static ip or ddns to be able to connect in externally to view the system.
  4. Your broadband service provider can change the settings of the broadband router at anytime or during maintenance. Router settings are a headache.


Here’s the difference when using Livebox and the Plug and Play Livebox transcoder

The MASSIVE difference with Livebox

  1. No additional router settings
  2. View live streams from various equipment vendors directly in one screen
  3. All your locations can be easily transcoded to any format
  4. Different streams can be re-streamed to different destinations such as YouTube,Facebook and other social destinations
  5. And most importantly, the costs are significantly lower when you use Livebox as your cloud streaming solution

This is the right time for you to introduce Livebox to really maximize and effectively use your surveillance system.

People setup CCTV,DVRs,NVRs and IP Cameras but don’t use them in many cases just because they  “fail” to work as per the promises of various vendors due to changes in network configurations,hard disk failures and hard to use apps

Use Livebox and keep your live surveillance system always backed up on the cloud at a ridiculously low cost while also having the live stream being displayed seamlessly in one screen from various locations after being optionally transcoded or distributed to multiple platforms.

Get the most reliable Surveillance system streamer. Get Livebox. Call us today at +919789978981 and signup at

Live video playout software to re-stream YouTube videos

Livebox is the ONLY live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout software.

There are two options for playout with Livebox

  1. Playout using the playlist and queues function within Livebox. This can be just used on-cloud within your dedicated Livebox without the need for any additional software. This can also import and re-stream both live and plain YouTube videos.
  2. The freely included professional playout software which can be downloaded from within Livebox.

In this blog post,we’re going to mainly focus on the downloadable Playout software for Windows.Playout 1

The IVB7 live playout is included with every Livebox server. To use your Live playout, just go into the settings of the Livebox server and generate your own unique license PIN number so that you can use the Playout software without restrictions to stream live when used with the livebox encoder.

Live video playout software download with license pin


Once you generate the PIN, ie the license key for your Playout and Video mixer, you can download the software from within Livebox and activate it using the generated PIN. Remember tokeep the license code very confidential since it is only licensed per Livebox administrator

The Livebox Playout software even to simply output content into any LED TV or Monitor.

YouTube video import and re-streaming by just copy/pasting the link

Ingest YouTube content into Livebox

Paste the link inside the Playout software

Playout 4


The IVB7 Playout software  can seamlessly import videos from YouTube. The only condition is that they should not be monetized. Monetized videos cannot be directly imported into the live playout however they can be directly re-streamed from within Livebox itself using the in-built queues.

With the IVB7 Live playout, you can add unlimited files, streams or Advertisement breaks. The in-built CG editor makes it extremely easy to add your own Lower thirds, scrolling effects or titles.

Import any stock footage or lower thirds from any site that sells stock footages. It is possible to also import richly designed graphics rendered from Adobe After effects or the Adobe Premiere Pro to use within the CG editor.

The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the features of the live playout software that is bundled along with the Livebox server. The playout software is alone worth over 1500 USD when purchased seperately however it is included at no additional cost within Livebox streaming server panel, the live backpack hardware and the livebox appliance.

All media streamed through the Livebox streaming server is the user’s responsibility. So, if you are using content from YouTube,make sure that it is your own content or you get the appropriate rights to stream the content.

Refer Livebox to friends and people you know so that they can also be benefitted by this affordable product that costs less but is rich in features. If you have never used Livebox or any of the hardware equipment manufactured by IVB7 before, just signup now at to experience it.

Experience the All-New Livebox Client Portal

Greetings Livebox Users! Get ready for two-fold profits.

Livebox live streaming server has been a money saving boon to its users nearly for decades. Now it has taken one more step in its milestone where Livebox not only helps in saving money but also in making money.

Did you know? Unlike traditional live streaming services, you don’t need to have additional recurring costs to make money with Livebox. All you need is one Livebox server, and you can sell streaming services to several clients using the same server. That’s why Livebox is your very own infrastructure.

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal 1

Introducing you,

The Client portal with groundbreaking Reseller features

Taking our customers benefits in concern we have developed a new extension to create sub-users of your need. You can either reduce your workload by creating sub-users to eye on alternative streaming activities or in your absence.

Wondering for the possibility of money making from the above mentioned?? Yes, you can use this same feature by giving client portal access for rent or cashback. There are several small-scale streamers present to whom you can lend this access and still be benefitted in either way. You can even start up your professional streaming set-up by creating a set of sub-users to organize your events. It doesn’t stop just with this, it is much more!

Did you know? New features are being added to Livebox all the time so that you can make more money, your customers will be extremely happy and you will feel the satisfaction of selling the most competitive product in the market!

Experience the all-new LiveBox Client Portal

Things you can do with this feature,

  • You can create another Livebox user (admin) and share your powers and responsibility with your new admin.
  • The admin assigns the role to their users. They can be Livebox users or just client portal user.
  • If you feel like only giving control and not powers, then you can create a client portal user (sub-users) and give them the channel control.
  • Allot channel destinations for your sub-users to subject their streaming to various media platforms.

What’s all the hype about this new Livebox?

We asked some of our existing customers and employees to share a few quotes or sayings about Livebox. Here’s what they really had to

Livebox is a revolutionary technology to broadcast live 4k or HD Video through its powerful Cloud based Streaming Content Delivery Network. (Streaming -CDN) .

Livebox is a highly scalable network that offers multiple streaming network of media . LiveBox with a host of facilities for various businesses & its compatibility with all latest software & hardwareavailable globally makes it as a boon to users to use it directly as they like in their businesses.

The Live Box Streaming Server has proven its efficiency in delivering high quality streaming even at alarmingly low bandwidths with its extraordinary streaming software, invincible network infrastructure & its built-in innovative Flash-Free Trans-coding player.

It comes with variety of plans to suit to everyone’s pocket.

Do you have a saying to share about the IVB7 Livebox or other products? E-mail us to or call +91-9789-9789-81 to get your promo about IVB7 to be featured on our blog.

Always keep visiting and and stay updated with the latest technologies related to broadcast and live video streaming.

Happy live transmission folks!

How do you earn money using Livebox?

How do you start and run a sustainable business using the IVB7 Livebox?

Livebox is designed from the ground up to help you do business without worrying about huge investment and extreme work. Simply partner with us and fly high in the Live Video Streaming industry. With IVB7, you get your own Servers, Software, Support and Technical streaming infrastructure. Get technical support over phone to build your own infrastructure using Livebox.

Our products and services are cutting edge, priced very low and built for helping you do business. Not only that, these products are 100% tested and proven in the industry since it is being used by several production houses, studios, businesses and institutions. Recently, we have seen even web development houses taking up our services and reselling them in their localities.

  1. Unlimited Channels : Create Unlimited Live RTMP Streaming Channels and provide live streaming server to unlimited Clients all over the world.
  2. Design Your own Streaming Plans : Design your own Live Streaming Plans on various levels on monthly and yearly basis to provide to everyone -individuals, Event Managers, Videographers, business houses, organisations, corporates, TV Channels, TV channel distributors or anyone to live stream. depending on their requirement.
  3. Live Streaming to individuals: Provide live streaming plans for individuals at a low cost for live streaming their personal parties and programs. Nothing beats Livebox when it comes to cost.
  4. Event Managers, Videographers & Business houses: Provide higher plans of Streaming Server with special facilities of transcoding for professional webcasting of programs, weddings, & parties etc . Only Livebox includes 24×7 transcoding at the lowest price including software and server infrastructure.
  5. TV Producers, TV Channels & Businesses to start TV Channels: Provide unlimited licenses of Playout, Mixing and Streaming software & Server It can be provided to start unlimited 24×7 TV Channels to Provide WebTV, Mobile TV & TV through internet Set Top instantly to un-limited clients. It can be provided for any kind of HD video transmission and delivery for the TV Channel through internet. IPTV & OTT is also builtin it to take channels to numerous subscribers to monetize their content. All unlimited licenses of software required for IPTV & OTT is available in it. In addition It is also possible to run Multiple TV Channel directly from the server
  6. Organisations & Corporates: To broadcast & blast any of their video messages to Multiple Social Media websites, Multiple Accounts of social media sites. This makes is easy for them to take their message to everyone & reach everyone easily. It can be used in marketing on social media etc. multiple accounts of the server can be also provided for video conferencing, Training and Webinar.
  7. Education & Training: All required software for training is available in the server with unlimited Licenses. This can be provided to numerous Schools, Colleges and Training centres for Virtual Classroom training, with Live Video, Live Presentation and & Live Two-way Chat etc. Storage of videos is also provided to provide unlimited Video-onDemand, Webinar, & live training fully secured. through IP address or username and password.

In addition to the above to businesses on monthly and yearly payment,there is huge market to directly provide services Live streaming services to clients for any requirements. There is immense possibilities to Monetize Live Streaming ServerIVB7. Need more ideas? Call us at +91-9789-9789-81.  There are so many more ways to use the IVB7 suite of products to generate revenue that are not listed here. Call us at +919789978981 to know.

Check out to know more about the other ivb7 products and to know about the Livebox server.