Build Websites

Livebox has developed specifications for the pre-built secured WordPressGRAV and Typesetter sites. So, it is now easy and simple to create high-quality sites for your business, events, organization, company and so on without any required programming or designing skills from the Livebox streaming server with no additional cost. So, to create your domain website or a new website,

  • Go to Websites from the navigation menu and click the “Create a site” option.
create website on Livebox
  • In “Create a site” click this button.
  • A dialog box “Create a new site” opens, enter your site name and select your site type.
  • Then click “Create”.
create multiple websites
  • Once you click create, you will be notified to wait for a few seconds. So, wait for a few seconds until your site is created.
wordpress websites

And there is also an option to host your own domain.So, to create your domain website or a new website,

  • To host your own domain, select the site type and click the “My own domain” option below.
hosting own domain
  • A dialog box “Create a new site” opens, enter your site name and give “Create”.
  • You can also add alias domain names to your site.

Note:  See to that you have entered a domain name that is pointed to this server.

domain settings
  • You can see your newly created site in the site entries. It shows the status of your site and by using the given control keys you can play, stop, delete your website.
wordpress websites

( The websites created or hosted through Livebox are always encrypted. But in some rare instance, the websites created from Livebox may have the chance to get generated without the SSL encryption. In that case, you can encrypt  your website within the Livebox streaming server.) 

  • To log in your website, click on the lock icon where you can get your website password generated by Livebox.
website settings

So with these steps, you can easily create and get started with your website.