How to Publish the Livebox live streaming contents on WordPress websites?

   While live streaming on the server channel, the same live streaming content can be published on websites/blogs with the Livebox streaming server. To publish the live streaming contents on your WordPress website/blogs, first, you need to stream a source to your server channel. And from the server channel, you can publish the live streaming content smoothly on your websites/blogs within a few steps.

Let’s see the steps involved to publish a live streaming content on WordPress websites/blogs.

  • Create your channel on Livebox.
  • Stream a source to your channel using the RTMP URL of the same channel with the help of an encoder.
  • Preview the live streaming on your Channel Dashboard.
  • Now go to Manage channels and select your live streaming channel. Then click Embed code to copy the displayed embed code. 
embed code

Note:   If your site is secured i.e. HTTPs encrypted (SSL encrypted), then you have to copy the Secure Embed Code.  

secure embed code
  • If your site isn’t secure or the SSL certificate validity is over,  it will be indicated “Not secure”on the URL tab of your server.  
ssl encryption
  • So, if your site is not secure, then you can go on with the normal Embed code
  • Now Login to your WordPress website.
  • Go to “New Post” page to publish your Livebox server live streaming content on the website.  
  • Now Login to your WordPress website.
  • Go to “New Post” page to publish your Livebox server live streaming content on the website.  
wordpress websites
  • A dialog box with options to add block gets listed.
  • Under the formatting menu, select the Custom HTML option. 
broadcasting on wordpress websites
  • In custom HTML block, you can enter the copied embed code of your streaming channel. 
live streaming on wordpress website
live on WordPress websites
  • After entering the embed code, you can also preview the source. 
WordPress streaming
  • Then click the “Publish” button on the top right corner to embed the live streaming content on your website. 
WordPress live streaming
  • You can now go to your website main page to view the published post. 
streaming on WordPress websites

The live streaming content from the Livebox server is published on your website successfully.

How to Live Stream on Livebox Using OBS Studio as an Encoder?

Livebox streaming server offers a smooth and uncomplicated streaming workflow. Its flexibility can be witnessed while working alongside distinct encoders. Here with which few steps are listed for crystal clear understanding of streaming workflow by using OBS studio.

  • Go to OBS studio and click the add icon from the tab “Source”.
stream obs settings
  • A pop-up menu with the listed options will show up. From the listed options select “Media source”.
add media source
  • A dialog box “Create/Select Source” gets opened where you can name and set as per your requirements and then click “OK”.
  • A dialog box “Properties for Media Source” gets opened. In “Properties for Media Source”, select the required options for your streaming and then click “Browse”.
  • Once you click to browse you get accessed to your local files where you can browse and select your source. Then Click “OK” and your source is added.
  • Now go to Livebox and select Manage channels from the navigation menu and click Streaming URL button to copy the Stream URL and Stream Key.
streaming URLs
  • Then go back to OBS studio again and select “Settings” under the menu “Controls”.
  • On the “Settings” tab, go to “Stream” settings from the menu.
  • In Stream settings, select the “Custom” option and then a paste the copied Stream URL and Stream Key
  • Then click “OK”.
  • Now click the option Start streaming under the menu “Controls”.
start streaming
  • Now go to Livebox Dashboard and preview your streaming source.
  • Then from your streaming channel you can push live the streaming source to your social media destinations, websites, blogs or any streaming platforms.
live streaming

Thus, these simple steps can help you out to accomplish your first streaming process.
Happy Streaming!

LiveBox: Engineering for Optimization of Video Conferencing Technology

Time Management is the magic potion for the success of any business. While communicating via online portals, it becomes dubious to arrange things on time and organize highly confidential get-togethers. But LiveboxTM has come up with fully-secured, amazing solutions to all the issues faced by the sectors that rely on online communication. The Video Conferencing Server Solution from the house of LiveboxTM is packed with all the necessities that would arise when trying to establish perfect online communication.

  • The in-built online calendar is created with user-friendly technology that allows you to schedule your meetings within a fraction of a second. Create any number of meetings with a mess-free configuration. Change your time-zone at any instant. 
  • The software also keeps on updating your Video Conferencing Call logsto keep an account of all your meetings and the duration details of each meeting. 
  • Know the internet status of the participant with the one Conferencing solution which lets you know about the internet bandwidth of all the participants.  
  • Create unique conferences with the smart User Interface and change the settings of the conference allowing/restricting the camera/microphone of the participants. Amazingly, it is possible to open/hide the access bars and icons of the page of the conference and the moderator can get access to the entire control of the conference. This Feature Access Restriction is an amazing feat to be added to the Video Conferencing world so far. 
  • Enable logging in with Username and password or Pin number with the new, advanced Authentication standards

Creating a conference with presets and setting the mode of Authentication and then scheduling it will prove to be incredibly efficient saving your time and smart workflow. LiveBox has brought to life so many cool, stunning features that will enhance your experiential gates of Artificial Intelligence. Stay tuned with us!

Here’s three out of the many reasons to sign-up and start using Livebox for Video Conferencing:

  • Intensified User Experience 
  • Power Connecting with Amplified Moderator Management
  • Granular Access controls

If you have not used Livebox, you have not experienced the best yet. Get the BEST for your business by signing up at LiveboxTM!

Explore the whole new phase of the joy of new learning with LiveBox. To establish your Online Academy, feel free to give as a call.

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What does Livebox offer for you in 2021? – Revealed

Livebox gets upgraded! 

Unveil the latest features that are incorporated in your Livebox toolkit, for the year 2021. And explore a million ways through which you can expand and enlarge your business collaborations. 

Here is a glimpse of the latest updates from the labs of Livebox.

  • Livebox now supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocols. Stream your videos safely through SRT. Experience fast file transmission which is also secure and reliable. 
  • DVR option which enables you to rewind live videos is made more simple and convenient with Livebox. 
  • Another amazing shout-out has to be for the new Ultra-Low Latency Streaming feature. Ultra low latency streaming makes sure that your content is delivered very fast as it is being captured on the camera. 
  • Sharing files has never been so easy! You can share any number of files using Livebox! 
  • White-label your Reseller Panel with your logo and name and engage in as many business collaborations more conveniently than ever! 
  • Expand your business by sharing your Livebox with your clients. You can allot shares for each user. You can also divide and allocate storage for every client/user
  • One box will be totally enough for you to combine the benefits of streaming as well as video conferencing, i.e., Livebox. Joining the video conferencing without an Internet connection is an added advantage.
  • The combination of Pay-per-view and secure streaming with Granular security controls will enable you to charge your viewers as they click into your video.
  • Restrict viewers geographically and prevent your content from being downloaded from anywhere. 
  • Automatic Server scaling, Automatic Channel scheduling, adding CG and advanced overlays on your content are some of the advanced features.
  • The in-built app store in Livebox enables you to include multiple business apps including a full-fledged Video Conferencing suite and Learning Management System.

Moreover, Livebox can be deployed on-premise or as a cloud solution. 

One box for all your streaming needs! 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Explore the whole new phase of the joy of new learning with LiveBox. To establish your Online Academy, feel free to give as a call.

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Introducing Auto Scalable Multi-Bridging for Video Conferencing

To make scaling the Video Conferencing participants simple, LiveboxTM has brought up an excellent technology, thus making the solution entirely manageable and flexible.

LiveBox Video Bridges

LiveBox Video Conferencing Solution has innovated a ground-breaking technology called ASMB (Auto Scalable Multi Bridging).  It is possible to instantly increase the number of Video Bridges in real-time which, in turn, enables smooth real-time audio and visual interactions at scale. 

LiveBox Video Bridges act as the conferencing distribution boxes. In other words, they act like invisible pipelines that carry audio as well as video output. LiveBox works as the network of multiple video bridges, with the built-in option to scale the video conference, thereby paving a way to involve more participants without the slightest rift. 

Scalable scaling

LiveBox Video Conferencing solution is highly scalable which makes the technology a lot cooler than ever. Scaling of Video Conferencing is made simple while using Video Bridges. A number of video bridges can be created from the internal as well as from the external servers to smoothen out the video-audio transitions when more number of participants are connected in the conference. As the number of participants increases rapidly, these video bridges distribute the same HD quality to all the participants without spoiling the flow.

Just with the click of a button, you can scale the video bridge to combine with the other video bridges from other LiveBox Servers. Create any number of video bridges to accommodate thousands of participants at the same time. The number of video bridges you can create depends on the capacity of the Server and the bandwidth of the participants.  Without hampering the video or the quality, LiveBox Video Bridges make sure that the video flows smoothly without any interruption.

To know more about how it works, click:

How to Create Video Bridges for the Video Conferencing App?

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Unifying Phoneline with Video Conferencing Software

This month LiveboxTM is introducing a brand-new feature that enables users to join a Video Conference without any Internet connection. This is done by a phone call. Livebox Video Conference is ready to be integrated with Phone line which will allow users without data or smart gadgets to join the Conference by just making a phone call.

Data Insufficiency and Smart gadget Inadequacy- Sorted out

Internet Connectivity Issues and Data Insufficiency can be overcome with this Phone line integration. When the daily limits of Data Usage exceed while on a highly confidential and crucial meeting, this feature comes in rescue so that the connection can be restored. Just make a phone call to connect with any Livebox Video Conference. It is as simple as that.

Livebox Phone – Video Conference Integration

Integrate Phoneline with your Video Conference so that people who do not have a proper Internet facility or Smart gadgets, are given the option to join your conference by just calling the provided Phone Number. LiveboxTM takes care of the Integration to provide you with the ability to join the Conference of any cause. 

Livebox Video Conferencing solution gives you the option to choose the kind of number you would love to integrate with your software. Either you can choose a Landline number or a Toll-free number, which is purely based on your needs and demands.

User-friendly Mobile Applications

Livebox Video Conferencing solution does not demand you to download and install any application. Join the conference by just a click of the link. Livebox also provides you the facility to create an all-new Mobile Application for your conferences. Create any number of Conferences with the smart app and share the application to any number of participants. With Livebox, you can also schedule your conferences and set reminders. 

Sign up with LiveboxTM to integrate Phone line with your Video conferencing software which could result in better communication with every participant.

Explore the whole new phase of the joy of new learning with LiveBox. To establish your Online Academy, feel free to give as a call.

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How to Live Stream using the Livebox Instacast Encoder Device?

The Livebox Instacast is a portable hardware encoder device that can live stream even with the low-internet connectivity. It is just enough to have this encoder device fixed to the camera to start the live streaming from anywhere. Even in the absence of a camera, live streaming can still be carried out with the help of a USB device.

So, to live streaming using this Livebox Instacast encoder device,

Note:  To access the Encoder settings page from your browser, you can use the IP visible on your Encoderdevice along with the port URL (:3978) provided by the IVB7 team. E.g.,

  • Turn on your Livebox Instacast device.
  • Make sure that you have connected your camera/USB device to the Livebox Instacast encoder.
  • For the network connectivity, you can use it through the LAN or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now login to the Encoder settings page from your browser.
instacast encoder portable hardware device
Instacast device from Livebox
  • In the Encoder settings, select a Preset by clicking the drop-down menu.
  • You can also create your own preset by using the given readymade preset values.
  • After selecting the preset, you can enter the RTMP URL of your Livebox server channel, social media accounts or any RTMP servers and click the “Start” button.
  • It shows the Live streaming status on the bottom of the “Encoder settings page” as well as on the “Encoder device”.

Now to control your live streaming from your device touchscreen,

  • Go to Social Media menu from your device touchscreen.
portable hardware encoder device
  • And here you can control the live streaming activity on your destination.

Well, the live streaming through this Livebox Instacast Encoder device is successful on your server channel. Now, from your server channel, you can launch your live streams on your preferred destinations.

How to Create Multiple Video Conferencing Chatroom?

New apps are always getting added into Livebox and one of the newest is the all-new corporate video conferencing system. You can now conduct training, conferences, webinars, and business meetings within the Livebox. The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to conduct a video conference within the Livebox live streaming server.

  • Login to your Livebox Server.
  • Go to Apps from the Navigation menu.
  • Install the Video Conferencing app.
video conferencing app from Livebox
  • Open the app and go by clicking the ‘Create’ button to create your first video conferencing entry.
create video conference
  • Enter a name for your conference.
Live video conference
  • There is a ‘Waiting Room link’ option, which is optional, where you can enter YouTube URL or embed code to keep the video conferencing members engaged before the admin (Moderator) starts the conference.
waiting rooms in conference
authentication for video conferencing members
  • Then under ‘Settings’, select the features that you want to include in the video conferencing chatroom.
video conference settings
  • You can create your own video conferencing presets with the features given under ‘Settings’ based on your requirements.
  • Also, select video conference video quality. 
preset and video quality for the video conferencing app
  • Then click the ‘Create’ button. And the video conference will be created.
create conference
  • Now by turning On the button under ‘Mode’, you can activate the video conference you have created.
  • You also have the option to schedule the Start and End timings of your video conference.
Enable conference
  • To enter your video conferencing portal, click the ‘Open a New Tab’ button.
open video conference
  • On your video conference page, you can click ‘Allow’ to access your microphone and camera.
video conference
  • Within a few seconds, you can get started with your first video call using the Livebox Video Conferencing app.
  • Give your name for the video calling.
get started with the best video conferencing app
  • You are almost ready now! Go by inviting your peers by sharing the conference URL link.
the best video conferencing solution
  • There is also another way to get your video conferencing link. You can go back to your video conferencing app dashboard on Livebox and click on the highlighted icon to copy the link and send it to your fellow peers.
video conferencing URL

And here’s the other facets of this video conferencing app,

  • Administrators can get the complete history of the video conference all logs.
  • Sub-users can get access to this video conferencing app through the client portal sign-up.
  • Integration of the video conferencing app with any mobile app or web app is possible with the provided REST APIs or SDKs.

How to Automate a Playlist using the Cloud Playout App?

The newest Cloud Playout app is available on Livebox App Store!

A full-blown platform to automate live playlist on any streaming destination real-quick. 

  • Install Cloud Playout App from the Livebox App Store.
playout app
cloud playout app
  • You can add video sources using the given three options. 
  1. YouTube– Add YouTube video links, YouTube Playlist links, and YouTube Channel links.
  2. Live– Add RTMP URLs
  3. Webpage– Add webpage links (Example., Chrome, Facebook, and others). 
automate live playlist

(Given below an illustration to add YouTube links)

youtube files
  • After adding video sources, you can also set the date and time to go live. 
  • Then click the ‘Settings’ button to proceed with other live streaming settings.
playlist settings
  • Enter a name for your playlist.
  • Enter the URL of your streaming destination.
  • Select a preset as per your bandwidth. 
  • Change Buffer Size, Resolution if required. Otherwise, go with the default value. 
  • You can blacklist any video link if you don’t want them to get added to your playlist. 
  • Then after setting a logo for your playlist, you can click the ‘Set’ button.
  • When you haven’t set any date and time, you can click the ‘Start’ button to go live instantly.

The playlist will be successfully running on your streaming destination.

Build Websites

Livebox has developed specifications for the pre-built secured WordPressGRAV and Typesetter sites. So, it is now easy and simple to create high-quality sites for your business, events, organization, company and so on without any required programming or designing skills from the Livebox streaming server with no additional cost. So, to create your domain website or a new website,

  • Go to Websites from the navigation menu and click the “Create a site” option.
create website on Livebox
  • In “Create a site” click this button.
  • A dialog box “Create a new site” opens, enter your site name and select your site type.
  • Then click “Create”.
create multiple websites
  • Once you click create, you will be notified to wait for a few seconds. So, wait for a few seconds until your site is created.
wordpress websites

And there is also an option to host your own domain.So, to create your domain website or a new website,

  • To host your own domain, select the site type and click the “My own domain” option below.
hosting own domain
  • A dialog box “Create a new site” opens, enter your site name and give “Create”.
  • You can also add alias domain names to your site.

Note:  See to that you have entered a domain name that is pointed to this server.

domain settings
  • You can see your newly created site in the site entries. It shows the status of your site and by using the given control keys you can play, stop, delete your website.
wordpress websites

( The websites created or hosted through Livebox are always encrypted. But in some rare instance, the websites created from Livebox may have the chance to get generated without the SSL encryption. In that case, you can encrypt  your website within the Livebox streaming server.) 

  • To log in your website, click on the lock icon where you can get your website password generated by Livebox.
website settings

So with these steps, you can easily create and get started with your website.