How to Create a Single Page App for the 24/7 Live Streaming Purpose?

Creating a mobile app for your live streams is simple and same as creating an IPTV mobile app.

To create a single page app for your live streaming

  • You have to create a stream group for your streaming channel in MultiCDN settings.
stream group
  • And then in APK Builder, under SPA- Live Streaming, click on the “Create an app” button.
single page app
  • In the app creation form, give your app name, display name, and app description.

Note:  In App Name, there shouldn’t be any space or special characters given.

  • In the Server URL, the app creation form will automatically read your server URL and display it on the bar.
  • Then in Stream Group ID, give the stream ID you have created in the MultiCDN settings.
  • Now browse and set your app icon and logo.
  • Finally, click on the “Generate App”.
Livebox single page app to build app
  • Your app creation process begins and when it says at the end like “Click the below button to edit the files”, click on the “Edit Files” button below.
build apps using Livebox single page app
  • Now you have to undergo few settings that involve replacing the custom values in the index.html and theme.css editor pages.
  • In the index.html code editor, you can replace the custom values of address, contact, E-mail, website with your company details.
  • In theme.css code editor, you can change the theme background of your mobile app template.
Livebox single page app
  • And when you select any one of the options to edit the custom values or background theme, you can see your mobile app design on the right side.
single page for building apps
  • You can change the values and click the “Update Files” button.

Note:  In the index.html box code editor, scroll down to find the custom values in the flower brackets (e.g., {{phone number}} as 9876543210) and replace with your company details.

  • And as you replace the values, you can see the changes in the design template.
Single page app for building live streaming apps
  • While changing the color background in the theme.css code editor, you can give the color code in between # and ; and then give “Update File”.
single page for live streaming apps
  • Once after changing the custom values and the template design, you click on the “Generate APK” to download your app.
  • The app gets downloaded in the zip file format. And after extracting the file from your PC downloads, you can upload the app on the play store.
live streaming apps
  • You can use the Release.apk file to upload your app on the play store.
  • And the testing.apk file can be used when you want to test the app on your device.

Livebox Video Conferencing Features

The Livebox video conferencing chatroom has cool features to have way for the exciting conferencing experience for its users.

The features are as follows.

Livebox video conferencing app features
  • User Icon-On clicking this, the user can set their camera/audio device, change profile settings and set language.
video conferencing app settings
livebox video conferencing app

Note:  The highlighted options will be visible only on the settings of the user with the Moderator function.

video conferencing app
  • Invite– On clicking this option, the user can invite people to the conference either by adding the contact number or by sending the conference link. There is also embed code provided to publish the conference on websites/blogs.
invite video conferencing
  • Security– By using this option, you can enable Lobby mode and also set a password for your conference to prevent unauthorized access. 
Livebox video conferencing app
  • Blur Background– By clicking this option, the user can blur the unwanted background to keep the focus intact.
Livebox video conferencing app
  • Embed Meeting– This option is same as the embed code option provided on the Invite option. 
Livebox video conferencing
  • Shortcuts– This option provides shortcuts to use the app features and options feasibly.
video conference
  • Mute– This option helps to mute users when required.
effective video conferencing app
  • Chat– By clicking this option, you can chat with your peers amidst the conference. You can use this chat option to communicate terms, phrases, digits that are usually hard to convey.
effective video conferencing app
  • Share Video– On clicking this option, you can start to share YouTube videos to make your conference even more effective and interesting.
share youtube videos
  • Whiteboard– On clicking this option, you can get started with an interactive whiteboard, where you can present graphs, drawing or any other non-verbal representations to your fellow members.
whiteboard option on Livebox video conferencing
  • Recording– By using this option, you can record your video conferencing contents.
recording option on Livebox
  • Live Streaming– By entering the RTMP URL of your streaming destination (Livebox server channel or any other server channel) or social media platforms (Facebook, Pericsope, YouTube), you can live stream the video conferencing content.
Livebox video conferencing app
  • Adjust Video Quality– By clicking this option, you can adjust the video quality according to your data usage.
best video conferencing quality
  • Speaker Stats– On clicking this option, you can get to know your speaker stats.
video calling stats
  • Settings– This option contain settings same as the User Icon option.

How to conduct Multi-bitrate Streaming Using the Livebox Playout and Encoder?

To conduct Multi-bitrate streaming using the Livebox Playout and Encoder software,

  • Create your channel in the Livebox streaming server.
  • Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu. Under manage channels, select Multi-bitrate.
multi-bitrate streaming
  • In Multi-bitrate page, select your channel and turn On multi-bitrate.
Select channel
  • Once you turn on Multi-bitrate, the preset options will appear. You can set the required resolution and click “Save”.

Note:  You also have an option to edit or set your required preset.

set preset in Multi bitrate streaming
  • Once you click save, RTMP URLs for your resolution gets listed below. Make a note of the required RTMP links and click “Save”.
  • With each URL of definite qualities (resolutions), the player will adjust video quality to that of viewers bandwidth.*The first given URL is the RTMP URL of your channel. The remaining URLs are RTMP URLs with resolutions.

Note:  The RTMP URL should be used to initiate the live streaming on your server channel. And the other RTMP URLs of resolutions can be used to deliver the same streaming content in different resolutions.

  • After clicking save, give “Service Restart” to get your changes applied.
service restart

Now access your Mixer and Playout software

mixer and playout software

Note:  Make sure to open the Playout/Mixer window first and then open the Encoder window.

  • In the Livebox Playout software, click “Add File” to browse video source from your PC and to add video source in your Schedule Playlist.  (You also have the option to add your camera source and YouTube URLs through the Playout software)
live streaming playout software
  • Your video source is added. So, now click “Play” to play your video in Playout Preview
add video files on the playout software
  • You can preview your source and also enable and adjust the audio of your video source.
playout software from Livebox
  • Now on the Livbox Encoder, go to the “Advanced Settings”.
  • On the Encoder Advanced Settings, click the drop-down menu to set the preset as Multibitrate.
  • You can enable (select) the “Preview” option after selecting your video device.
  • In Video Settings, enable the video option and then select your “Device” as Streaming Playout Device.
  • Copy the URLs from the Multi-bitrate settings and enter it in the given URL bars. Then set the bitrate. (Give the bitrate same as the resolution of the RTMP link you have entered in the URL bar)
  • In the Audio Settings, enable Audio and select your Audio Device.
  • After setting up all these options, click on the “Start” button.
  • Once the streaming is started, it shows the Streaming Started status below the Start button.
  • To view your live MBR streaming status with the definite video quality, go the Livebox Dashboard and check on the player.
streaming in different resolutions
  • Then go to Viewers Report to check the RTMP stats of your streaming channel. It shows audio and video bitrate of your channel.
mbr streaming

You have successfully done your Multi-Bitrate streaming using Livebox Playout and Encoder. Now you can start to stream the resolutions achieved source on your streaming platform/ social media destinations.