Best Live Streaming server with IPTV and Set Top Box

The best Live Streaming Server now supports running your own TV hub to distribute your live channels.

Did you know that you can manage IPTV with the all new IVB7’s Livebox server?

Compatible receiver devices with the LiveboxTM server :

  1. IVB7 Receiver unit – for long distance Transmission / Receiving
  2. IVB7 Set top box – (Linux / Android) – For digital TV subscribers
The receiver

The receiver unit is for Cable TV operators to transmit and receive video remotely over long distances. It flawlessly enables you to transcode and distribute video over long distances in-combination with LIvebox live streaming server.

The IVB7 receiver unit does not need port forwarding or any configuration on your router. It’s as simple as a plug and play instant receiver with monitoring capabilities.

The Set Top Box

The Livebox OTT/IPTV Set Top Box comes with the inbuilt IR remote and the remote controlling mobile app. It can be fully white labeled. It automatically updates channels based on subscriber info dynamically received from your LIvebox Satellite Server.  You can also enable all your subscribers to pay instantly online to renew their subscription through the integrated payment gateway, manage or cancel their subscriptions. Devices can be completely controlled or blocked through the IPTV admin interface built into the Livebox live streaming server.

Long distance transmission with Livebox:
What if you want to transmit live over long distances without a server? Does IVB7 have a solution for that?

Absolutely! Use Livebox with the IVB7 encoder, place it anywhere like on-cloud or on-premise. For the on-premise Livebox, all you need to do is enable port forwarding or DMZ on your router and you’re done to be able to access and distribute content through your own hub anywhere. We will provide you support and help you get started after purchase.

It’s a Fully white labelable live streaming server solution with in-built IPTV server

With the IVB7 Livebox server, you can not only stream but it provides you ready-made features to sell or resell a whitelabeled solution to your clients. Not only that, you will also be able be your own Cable TV provider. No other server provides features such as on the fly encoding and transcoding like the Livebox live video streaming server along with the ability to distribute transcoded content to IPTV subscribers.

Dedicated Streaming Server with IPTV and subscription management

With your own dedicated live streaming server, you can not only stream to various destinations such as YouTube,Facebook, Periscope and hundreds of other RTMP providers, you can also provide subscription services to your clients for watching your live TV channels.

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Live video playout software to re-stream YouTube videos

Livebox is the ONLY live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout software.

There are two options for playout with Livebox

  1. Playout using the playlist and queues function within Livebox. This can be just used on-cloud within your dedicated Livebox without the need for any additional software. This can also import and re-stream both live and plain YouTube videos.
  2. The freely included professional playout software which can be downloaded from within Livebox.

In this blog post,we’re going to mainly focus on the downloadable Playout software for Windows.Playout 1

The IVB7 live playout is included with every Livebox server. To use your Live playout, just go into the settings of the Livebox server and generate your own unique license PIN number so that you can use the Playout software without restrictions to stream live when used with the livebox encoder.

Live video playout software download with license pin


Once you generate the PIN, ie the license key for your Playout and Video mixer, you can download the software from within Livebox and activate it using the generated PIN. Remember tokeep the license code very confidential since it is only licensed per Livebox administrator

The Livebox Playout software even to simply output content into any LED TV or Monitor.

YouTube video import and re-streaming by just copy/pasting the link

Ingest YouTube content into Livebox

Paste the link inside the Playout software

Playout 4


The IVB7 Playout software  can seamlessly import videos from YouTube. The only condition is that they should not be monetized. Monetized videos cannot be directly imported into the live playout however they can be directly re-streamed from within Livebox itself using the in-built queues.

With the IVB7 Live playout, you can add unlimited files, streams or Advertisement breaks. The in-built CG editor makes it extremely easy to add your own Lower thirds, scrolling effects or titles.

Import any stock footage or lower thirds from any site that sells stock footages. It is possible to also import richly designed graphics rendered from Adobe After effects or the Adobe Premiere Pro to use within the CG editor.

The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the features of the live playout software that is bundled along with the Livebox server. The playout software is alone worth over 1500 USD when purchased seperately however it is included at no additional cost within Livebox streaming server panel, the live backpack hardware and the livebox appliance.

All media streamed through the Livebox streaming server is the user’s responsibility. So, if you are using content from YouTube,make sure that it is your own content or you get the appropriate rights to stream the content.

Refer Livebox to friends and people you know so that they can also be benefitted by this affordable product that costs less but is rich in features. If you have never used Livebox or any of the hardware equipment manufactured by IVB7 before, just signup now at to experience it.