Self Streaming RTMP in-built into the Livebox Streaming Server

Yet another revolutionary live broadcasting innovation with server based automatic live streaming.

Hands-free live media broadcasting is the way to go

When you use the Livebox Live Streaming server wth GPU, you don’t need a seperate PC to be turned on to do the Live Video Streaming. The Livebox CDN box is going to probably be your one stop automatic assistant to look after your whole Live Streaming workflow with it’s built-in OBS Studio, VLC player,Skype and much more to come.

Imagine if you did not have to flip on your computer,notebook or a committed hardware encoder to tun your Live Streams. The day has come when that has come true. Now, Livebox deals with broadcasting your live content alone.
What if you don’t have video content to your live channel?

Self Streaming RTMP in-built into the Livebox Streaming Server 1

Live Streaming without content is made easy.

It’s simple to pick articles from YouTube or several countless other websites directly within Livebox and re-stream existing vod via the Livebox dwell streaming box employing the playlist. Make sure that you get the respective content owner’s permission before you do this. But, you may wind up benefiting a great deal of content owners by your usage of Livebox if you encourage them by boosting their articles on your channel.

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