IVB7 Medical equipment integration and engineering for doctors

Many physicians currently use the IVB7 package of goods within their own day to day operation webcasts and media surveillance integrations. Contact us to understand how physicians, hospitals and renknowned physicians utilize the present IVB7 goods in their job flow.

Take a look at the next diagram to determine how can we engineer and design our circuit boards and goods.

With an established history of designing and engineering distant broadcasting and broadcasting equipmentswe can help you architect, engineer and plan our products with your present medical instruments within your laboratory or hospital.Call us in +91-9789-9789-81 to learn more.

Our state of the art Mini Live Encoder could be integrated with almost any present medical gear which range from scanning equipments to Patient monitors to look at the condition of the patient’s present condition remotely.As a physician, you can manage your own time, schedule, and attend and react to critical emergencies fast throughout the IVB7’s medical broadcast package.
Simply phone us in +91-9789-9789-81.

When the IVB7 medical broadcast package is integrated with your health care gear, the live data or media feed out of the gear is viewable from everywhere. All you will need is the access to your IOS or mobile telephone to just open the program and see your live media or information feed on-demand.

Many hospitals and other organizations are employing the IVB7 goods in the vicinity of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi to successfully connect their present equipments into the IVB7 medical broadcast package to use live media broadcasting to remotely track patient information and in certain instances, it’s used to surveillance the present state of the individual.bd9fd-slide3

1 such hospital is Dr.Irene’s hospital located in Nagercoil that’s armed with this technology and utilizes counsel from our advisers to immediately conduct seminars and webinars with physicians from various parts of India and across the globe.

Another physician who’s an endoscopy guru utilizes this tech to reside stream live operation and supply training to various physicians around the globe.

In the event of incorporating your present medical equipments together with our own system, if yout gear doesn’t utilize stanard media connectors, our enginners will examine your clinic or medical facility and supply the way we could efficiently incorporate your equipments for distant viewing.

Regular, more than a 1000 people really watch and revel in IVB7 established live streams from all over the world? Our invention and technology frees our customers with cutting edge tools and surpasses anything else

Are you a physician and do you want to flow your significant surgery for coaching, conduct a webinar/conference or possibly incorporate your present medical instruments to see and track values ? Simply phone us -91-9789-9789-81 and we’ll help you on the way it is possible to proceed.

Author: Venkat Ram

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