Wireless video transmission over long distances

The IVB7 media recipient is the only gear that’s meant only for distant media getting. It is accompanied by an in-built speedtest and instantaneous monitoring. It’s possible to track accurately whether the media is playing the distant receiver or not and you are able to command the distant receiver directly via the IVB7’s Livebox live media provider.

The remote receiver can be used with almost any broadcasting provider no matter how the remote tracking feature is available only through the Livebox dwell broadcasting provider .

The IVB7 Online media transmitter and receiver are one of a kind gear duo that enable you to broadcast high excellent media feeds across the net and get them utilizing the IVB7 remote media recipient in any given place.

Just the IVB7 online media transmitter and receiver permit you to get videos over long distances throughout the internet at a very low price. Consider transmitting media over wifi or other wireless ways and your prices will be extremely high with these equipments. But using the IVB7 media recipient, it is possible to hook this up with almost any dwell rtmp or regular protocol compliant media transmission station.

Employing a blend of this IVB7 media transmitter,Livebox multi protocol established live media provider as well as also the IVB7  receiver, you can get media effortlessly in any place.serverscreen_1

Give us a call in +919789978981 to learn more about utilizing the IVB7 media recipient to your company or TV station to receive media in any remote site.

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